VarietyLand #veryhealthy Spiral Vegetable Slicer

I have been blessed that Little Man ADORES fruit and veggies – for now – but so many parents are not nearly as lucky, let alone the many picky adults out there as well!!

Trying to use veggies in different and interesting ways is one way you might entice those picky eaters out there to eat a variety of veggies. Also, for those eating an almost all veggie diet, like my mother-in-law, and several friends, this would be a great way to add variety into your diet.

When I got the chance to review this, in exchange for an honest opinion, I was pretty excited to check one out. The Spiral Vegetable Slicer is good quality and I found it to be rather sturdy. There is a good grip to be able to make the twisted veggie strands. It came with a little cookbook that had tips on how to use the slicer in addition to 10 paleo-friendly, gluten-free recipes. I was also sent 3-4 free digital cookbooks with additional recipes sent after putting through my order.

Here is a Starter e-guide I was sent: Varietyland_2.-Very-Healthy-Spiral-Slicer-Starter-Guide  just to help give you a better idea of how this works, tips and what you receive 😀


The first time trying to use this I found my spirals were often broken, but using it more and more I got the hand of it and was able to make them look more like in the recipes. It wasn’t hard to use, but if you want long noodles it will just take some practice. One tip I have is that if you notice noodles are not coming out, you might have to stop and remove a small amount of veggie that collects in the centre hole, then you can keep going!


Mine did NOT look this good, so I wanted to share what it could look like, since once I had gotten better, I didn’t remember to snap any pictures!!!!

There are two different ends that you can use, it depends on whether you want larger or smaller noodles, but also depends on whether the vegetable is hard or soft!!! It comes with a twister cap to help make sure that you do not cut your fingers while making the veggie noodles and its getting smaller. Additionally it comes with a small brush to help you clean all the blades (which I recommend doing RIGHT away so they do not dry on, much easier to clean).

You can view additional information on their website and/or their listing (currently $19.95).


Here is a sweet-and spicy cucumber noodles that was posted by using this exact slicer that I found on Facebook posted on their Varietyland Facebook Page!


Spiralizer (
4 large English cucumbers
1/2 cup cherry tomatoes, halved
2 large handfuls organic arugula
2 tablespoons Champagne or red wine vinegar
4 tablespoons extra-virgin olive oil
1 teaspoon crushed red pepper flakes
1 tablespoon honey or agave
1 orange, juiced
1/2 teaspoon garlic powder
Salt and pepper, to taste

1) Place a cucumber into the spiralizer, and follow the directions listed on the package until you have cucumber noodles. Repeat with the remaining cucumbers.
2) To a large bowl, add all the cucumber noodles along with the tomatoes and arugula.
3) In a separate bowl, combine the remaining ingredients to make the dressing.
4) Using a wire whisk, mix the dressing until all the ingredients are incorporated, and pour over the top of the cucumber noodles.
5) Toss the cucumber noodles very well, making sure they are all coated with the dressing.
6) Transfer to a serving plate, and serve immediately.



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