#OZnaturals Souffle

I received this product, like almost all of my reviewed products (even if I forget to mention it) free of charge in exchange for an honest review. I was supposed to actually receive a body butter… which is what I “purchased” with a promo code through Amazon, but was sent this Olive & Jojoba Oil Nourishing Souffle in the mail. I contacted the company (welcome.canada@oznaturals.com) and they stated that there has been an issue with Amazon sending the wrong product (so not on their end) and they are currently working to resolve those issues.

Regardless, I have a product here to review, so I will do that for you all.


When I first opened the bottle, my hyper-sensitive, allergy ridden nose did not detect any scents (which is always a huge positive for me).


When applied there is a very VERY subtle smell, which vanished pretty fast. Even my mom and husband did not really smell anything who also have extremely sensitive noses. So I can fairly state there is minimal to no smell to the product!


Its a silky white soft cream that did not leave any residue or oily film on my skin. It soaked in quite fast, leaving my skin feeling silky and smoother than before.

I did notice that there is a weird colouration at the top of the tube, but there was no holes, leaking of the lotion, so it must have just been when it was being made that the ink slipped up a little. It did not affect my use of their product at all.

I am QUITE happy with this product, considering it wasn’t the one I was supposed to review and think that it will actually last a long time, since there is 8 oz in the bottle they send.

Here are links to their BODY BUTTER, as well as the product I received, the Nourishing Souffle.


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