#RefreshCanada Skin Therapy

Refresh skin peel 

I found the blue box, which has a 10% strength and is meant for sensitive skin, a gel, was not bad on my face for 2-3 minutes, but once removed it was “burning” or tingling quite a bit, even after washing with cool water as directed. Even the next morning still a little. My mother in law said that my face was actually red on this side so I took a picture below.


It didn’t really show well in the dim light, but the blue side was redder than the left, almost like a sunburn. And this is the next day.


What I noticed about two days later that my skin was really dry in all the red patches spots, and there was a layer of dead skin peeling. The red marks are still present 3-4 days later. It seems to be working but I want to wait a week or so between uses just to let my skin regenerate before applying again. I think I’ll remove it sooner next time too so it’s not so sore.

I believe this product works, but you don’t want to use it the first time before a big date or important meeting.


The green 2% box was a liquid, but it said not to leave on your face, you use gauze and wipe over your face. There was no tingling sensation. I only had Kleenex available. My skin seemed a little clearer but there was no dry or dead skin. Will need to try again with gauze once I get home.


This was a picture the next morning, there was minimal to no red marks on this side, just the one small one that might have already been there before as I did have some previous redness.

Overall I am happy that the products seem to be doing what they are supposed to, but am a little unhappy with their labelling/boxes. “No alcohol” was crossed out with black marker rather than reprinting the box. There was also a huge sticker right over the main warning, but not sure if that was from the company or Amazon.

Also they called it a peel, but it does not peel off your face in a solid layer like white school glue, you have to wash it off. I feel that better/different labelling is needed as they are advertising for a peel, but it’s really a gel, liquid or skin treatment.

UPDATE: I mentioned this to my Momma-in-law and she stated that a peel actually “peels” off layers of your skin. This is my misunderstanding of their labels I suppose since I’ve had products that dry and peel off in the past. She said I may have confused this with a mask… So perhaps mentioning somewhere it peels skin would be helpful so others do not make the same mistake without seeking clarification.

My Momma-in-law also mentioned that she knew a girl who was doing a peel. She looked like she had a serious sunburn from her treatments but when she saw her 6 months later her complexion was amazing. So thinking I will actually keep using this, whereas before I was thinking of tossing it.

Refresh eye cream

It’s in a syringe like container. I took a before picture as you can see here below.


I was pretty tired since little man has been getting up waaaay too early (4-5 am) in addition to waking for 15-60+ plus minutes at night.

It’s a gel and I did not feel any tingling or other sensations. It soaked in pretty fast and did not leave any sticky residue on my skin. I put it under my eye and on my eye lids. There are no strong scents or perfumes that bothered my eyes.

I have not noticed a huge change but it’s only been a week. Will update you if I see amazing changes…. But then again I don’t have huge wrinkles yet so I may not see drastic changes. I really liked that there was no icky feeling after applying like many products I’ve purchased or tried in the past.


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