Kneading Massager Cushion

As you can see on my above video there is a directional switch on the cord. I did not notice a huge difference when changing directions (I hadn’t read the manual yet… just opened the box moments before the video there!). I can tell it’s going in a different direction but maybe on different areas that can make a huge difference.

Let me tell you……. WOWZA! I don’t know why I didn’t IMMEDIATELY¬†open the box and try this… other than I’ve been running like a chicken with my head cut off! It’s working out knots that even going to the massage therapist it has not been resolved. You can hook this onto the head rest of a vehicle or just use behind your back against the chair.

It works really well and comes with a vehicle adapter (lighter spot) as well as wall outlet plug making this an amazing thing to travel with or use at home. You COULD drive while using it, but I would not suggest that. This would be for a passenger or to be used while stopped as I caught myself closing my eyes a few times at how awesome it feels. If you have any knots and do not have access to your own personal massage therapist I would say this would be fantastic to have handy.

I won’t have Internet access easily accessible for a week but will have my mom in law try this out too and update you with what she thinks since she’s bee suffering awhile now with pain. I will also ask PoppaKauk for his opinion, but he’s driving right now as I type this out on my cell phone to transfer to my laptop when we stop for lunch. I hate that we live 7 hours from my home town but this will definitely make the drive more enjoyable!!!!

Get yours HERE


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