#angelbaby Stroller Bag

Check out the inside of the bag and it’s pockets above. So sorry about all the noise Little Man was making. BEST bag I’ve ever seen!!

This is really amazing. I’ve never seen one of these before with adjustable shoulder straps before. Others only clip onto a stroller. The great part is that if I need to walk away from my stroller I can easily take this with me meaning I can have my purse contents in here too. There is a spot for wipes container with easy access hole to get at them, two drink spots, a mesh holder for your phone on the front AND back and zipper area for money. Between the drinks container there is a covered area as well where I stored my diapers. But seems almost insulated could put in an ice pack with a baby bottle, sippy or snacks.

Really great product and I wish I had known about these a year ago when we were constantly walking. My son is 16 months now and it fits on the umbrella stroller if I wrap the straps so we will continue using this as long as we have a stroller, and maybe even longer when he older just over my shoulder!!!

I received this product in exchange for an honest review. I’d never owned one of these before but have seen many of my friends and this is the BEST one I’ve seen yet over 5-6 different brands.


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