Just take a deep breath and relax

I was sent two Blood Pressure Monitors free of charge to review and provide my honest opinion about them. MY Mommy (henceforth referred as GrammaKauk) was in town visiting so I asked her to help me check them out and see what she thought as well since she has high blood pressure.

The first one was GrammaKauk’s favourite, the Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor BPM-110 with EasyFit Cuff ($34.95).  This has something I’ve rarely seen on products I review — this is FDA Approved!!!  There is also a 1 year warranty. It had a really large LCD screen on it making it super easy to read your results. There is also the ability to set the date and time, storing past readings as well. The box said that it will fit arms from 9-13 inches in circumference.


The second one was MY favourite, the Pro Series Wrist Digital Blood pressure Monitor with Case ($24.95). This one didn’t say anything about FDA approval (or if it does, I missed it when checking out the box). It claims to have new technology which automatically inflates it to the appropriate level. There is an auto shut off feature to help conserve battery and stores up to 60 BP readings. What I really liked about this one was how small and compact it was. It comes with a plastic travel case so it is not damaged. For anyone not staying at home, this is the one I would recommend!


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