#SkyChronicles ~ When The Sky Fell

When the Sky Fell, by Mike Lynch and Brandon Barr, is a well-written science fiction novel centred around the hero, Commander Frank Yamane. The novel involves three races: Humans, the Antarans, and the Deravan armada.

A short synopsis of When the Sky Fell – the Deravan armada invades the galaxy and is intent on destroying all of Humanity. Commander Yamane must find a way to save Humanity from its fate. After a disastrous first encounter with the Deravans, Yamane must ask the help of the Antarans who are an alien race split into classes. Their culture is directed by prophecies that are centuries old and is guided by the religious order and the teachings of the High Son. Their religion has many parallels with Christianity and the teachings of Jesus Christ, but in a much more evolved form. The Deravans are a race of aliens bent on genocide and are the darkness to the Antarans light. The Antarans agree to help Humanity, and the interested reader will have to read the novel to find out how the conflict ends!

Humanity is a Type 0 Kardashev civilization on the brink of becoming a Type 1 civilization or is in the infancy of being a Type 1 civilization. This means they have explored the solar system, started to settle other planets are starting to explore and settle the rest of the Galaxy. This can give the interested reader a reference point to other Sci-Fi series.

When the Sky Fell is written with a lexicon that a younger reader can easily follow, such as a person entering into high school. However, it is written in a style that an older audience can enjoy. I am 35 years old and have spent a lot of time reading Sci-Fi and fantasy. The Star Wars Expanded Universe, Peter Hamilton’s Night’s Dawn Trilogy, and Steven Erikson/Ian Esslemont’s Malazan Empire are amongst my favourite series. When the Sky Fell is a fairly simple story-line following, for the most part, the hero’s adventures, although this doesn’t detract from the story. My one beef with the novel is the use of the Antaran’s time scale. For example, “Dek Par, Daieth time plus four”. There is no reference point or units of time that can be compared to Humanity’s time reference or to place it in progression of the story line.

I really enjoyed this novel and look forward to reading the rest of the series. I have put aside four other series I am engrossed in to finish reading Sky Chronicles. Unfortunately, this may take a while as Little Man, takes up a lot of my little free time and most of the rest of it is dedicated to my loving wife, Momma Kauk. I am going on vacation, starting tomorrow (YAY) and hope to read the rest of this series and start on some of the Mike Lynch and Brandon Barr’s other works.

Check out Sky Chronicles: When the Sky Fell and other books published by Silver Leaf.  

I received this book in exchange for an honest review – but I am sure you have already  guessed that I was not the one who read this novel, PoppaKauk has always loved novels about the stars, so I asked him to read and review this one, and the next in the series for me 😀  His written “vernacular” kinda puts mine to shame… but I am okay with that!


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