#ArmorFitCases with Little Man

I received the ArmorFit for my iPhone 6 and asked Little Man to help me review this. Well – by ask I mean he stole the box and insisted on checking it out before I could!

So first off, he opened the box and posed for the camera:

Spike smile

Then, gathering all his skills of attention and patience he managed to open and close the box several dozen times….

opening boxConcentration opening

When he finally got inside the package and realized there was something inside it, he was shocked and amazed.


What he found was…. CARDBOARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Here mom

And let me tell you, this kept him occupied for several DAYS once I finally managed to actually get the case away from him!!!!  I never knew that a piece of cardboard could go in and out of a plastic box SO MANY TIMES… lol

This is what the case looks like from the front and back. Sadly I do not have a picture of it on my phone since I totally keep forgetting to grab my husbands phone, and my camera is attached to my phone!!  LOL

Front  Back

I think they called this one “green” but I picked it because it kinda looks blue to me, and that is my favourite colour!  They also come in Black, Clear, Gold, Pink and Red [Orange-Red].

Apparently the Clear Frosted iPhone 6 case are the first half-clear and half-frosted smart phone case on the market, according to the company, so that made me excited to try something that was so new.

My phone slid into the case easily, but didn’t come off unless I wanted it to. I was able to access all my buttons with it on without much trouble. It’s raised over the buttons, so it felt a little weird when I was holding my phone, but that’s because I’ve gotten so used to my battery case where they are sunken into a hole.

It also came with a free screen protector and cleansing cloth. The cloth was great to remove smudges and finger prints. I didn’t actually use the screen protector since I have one already attached to my phone – but with my current protector on, I was able to put theirs up against my phone and play a game of Frozen through both layers, so I do not see that as being an issue!!

The case itself if pretty thin, not huge and bulky like some of the ones I’ve tried. The company has stated that it has “shock absorbing protection” but didn’t really test that one out too much since if it didn’t work, I’d break my phone! They offer a Lifetime Warranty Guarantee for the original purchaser on Amazon. I am not actually able to find their Amazon listing any more unfortunately, if it comes back up I will update.

Here are additional pictures from the promoter of the gold, red and pink cases:

resize_4c665b6947603ed8d079b116599e862878e2db04e9f2f95f40f45b7e49d0b1a92cb9df30128128 resize_513c46ec5f3a48ee44a1fb3d13fc9912884f48f852f20a28b0c4267162f9f440e538f9d5128128 resize_e5a8d18fabe3b0eece8284137188d3ac40045ab209b04aff507087183a54636092b0b8b8128128




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