This application states that it can predict the gender of your child using a theory called the Shettles Method. According to the theory, male (Y) sperm are faster but more fragile than female (X) sperm. Further, acidic environments harm Y sperm, making conception of a girl more likely. The Shettles method aims to exploit these two factors.

Dr. Shettles believed that X and Y sperm contain different characteristics. Dependent on the timing and frequency of sex, couples can influence whether they conceive a boy or a girl. Shettles also believed the vaginal environment and pH can be a major contributing factor, and that having intercourse at particular times in a woman’s cycle can determine their likelihood of conceiving a boy or a girl.

App features
– Gender prediction based on dr. Shettles method.
– Nice graphic calendar with marked days.
– Designed for women who want to get pregnant and those who don’t.
– Retina display support.
– iPhone 5s / 5c / 5 support.
– Constant FREE updates!
– Full iOS7.x support.

Why you should choose this application?
– Although the app is not so cheap, we have worked for months on improving algorithm of Dr. Shettles method, taking into account many factors.
– Probability of gender prediction up to 96%.
– The user interface is designed by a woman.
– It has a modern and elegant look and is easy to navigate.
– We constantly add new features.
– We listen to our users.

How to use
1. Set your cycle period and date of your last period on Settings tab and save it.
2. The rest is up to app, as simple as it can, enjoy using it!

So, I’ve set up my cycles on here so far, and that’s about it. It’s let me know that I am NOT actually late right now, so that’s a good thing for those who forget when their last cycle was. Here I was, thinking I was like a week late, and apparently I’ve still got another couple days. It will also let you know when you are most likely to conceive. I am not able to go back in time on the application to see if it correctly predicted the gender of my son.

I received this product free of charge in exchange for an honest opinion.

It’s kinda cool in concept, but it is probably not an application I would actually pay for since it’s all in theory and I would not be the type of person to try and influence the gender of my child by having intercourse on certain days. Perhaps for someone whose had trouble conceiving, or has had several children of the same gender and really do want a certain gendered child.


This bottom picture was provided by the promoter.

If you are interested in this app, see it on the app store, or from your computer you can also check out their app here



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