#QuitTea Stop Smoking Aid

My husband has been using Quit Tea now for about 3 weeks intermittently (since I have never smoked a cigarette before, he was much more qualified to review this than I was!)

Here is what he had to say, this time I attempted to type what he said….

It has a fruity flavour, and a similar calming effect of chamomile tea but without causing drowsiness. It tastes really good, so you could have multiple cups of this a day without getting sick of it. (He was adding 1 tsp of sugar to his tea, no milk or cream). They are conveniently sealed in a one pouch per package, which is very well thought of and made it easier to take just a few to work rather than a whole box. The packaging is very easy to open as well. “I think that for someone else, other than myself, it could really help them to quit smoking.”

He said it didn’t work for him because he is one of the extreme cases of smoking quitters. He’s tried for over 10 years, to stop smoking using almost every means known to man: patch, gum, lozenge, inhaler, e-cigarette, hypnosis, multiple medications, going cold turkey, alternative drug therapies (LEGAL ones he wanted me to add). He has even tried to treat the symptoms related to quitting smoking – versus blocking the nicotine like the patches and medications do. My husband’s body processes quitting smoking like anxiety – making it very stressful. He becomes extremely agitated. One week after quitting smoking, for him, his cravings are just as strong as 6 months later! They might even become worse as time goes on, from what he has told me in past years. Several years ago, it had been well OVER six months without a single smoke, and it was just as bad as the first day. He’s not quitting because I made him either – he would quit without telling me and see how long I took to notice, trying to surprise me with the fact that he had quit.

My husband works shift work, so some routines are really hard to get out of he said. He does not drink a lot of hot beverages other than coffee, and he kept forgetting to use the tea. I kept nagging *cough* I mean reminding him to use the tea to help him. Also, he has been working on a 14 day straight, 12 hours each night, so he will be trying it again to see if its just bad timing. ALSO he’s noticed that drinking coffee actually makes the cravings worse, so he was trying his best to limit coffee.

He wanted to add “I honestly believe that the quit tea will benefit others. If someone is having difficulties with nicotine replacement therapy (like the patch) the tea may take them from a fail, to a success. For others, it may be all they need to quit smoking. When using the tea, I did notice a small reduction in cravings and the stress my body produces when I quit.”


There are also supplements to help you. My husband did not find these as helpful as the tea





More box pictures




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