You’ve probably all heard the stories of the poor, unsuspecting person buying a coffee and their debit account is empty, or their credit cards have been maxed out, but their plastic cards are still snug in their wallet, and they are not the ones to have racked up the bills. Enter the modern criminal – the digital pickpocket.

Now I had heard of these types of things happening, but never understood about them, so when the chance to review a radio frequency identification  (RFID) blocking sleeve peaked my interest.

I was told I could get any two card designs I wanted, free of charge to review, in addition I could chose if the card was loaded from the top of the side. Here is what I received (free of charge):

11736948_10153444041288536_1296756716_n (1)

The purple one loads your cards from the top, the blue one from the side. I was able to slip my card in and out, though in was a little snug.

According to the Daily Mail digital thieves can steal your data from you if they are standing 6 inches away. They use an inexpensive device or application right on their smartphone to do digital skimming. Many Visa, MasterCard and American Express cards have an embedded (RFID Chip) with banking and personal data contained within it.

According to the Promoter, thieves can use digital readers they buy off the Internet for about $100, unscrupulous people- without ever touching you- can steal your name, account number, card expiration date and other information off your card, while it’s tucked away safely in your wallet.


Here are what two  others look like from the promoters page. I really liked the white one as well, but they didn’t have a picture of that one alone.

One good thing about them having several different colours is that if you have a bunch of cards, using different colours / styles would allow you to easily identify your card. I didn’t really have an option to “try” the card to see if it will work to protect my data, since I don’t know any card thieves. But my cards fit into them well though a bit snug…and I don’t actually use a wallet, but they look cool.

Information from the PROMOTER

SECURE YOUR FINANCIAL AND PERSONAL DATA NOW… BLOCKIT Sleeves will protect your privacy and secure your most valuable data from digital pick-pocketing. Each BLOCKIT Sleeve is engineered using 3 performance layers – A layer of aluminum material blocks 13.56MHz frequencies, a copper substrate layer blocks all 125kHz, while the outer layer is a glossy paper with attractive full colour design.

If you would like to check this out on Amazon, click HERE

These do not ship to Canada from Amazon.com they may have similar products on the Canadian site if you are interested.

  • What do you think? Will something like this protect your card? Should credit card companies remove the tap function to make our cards more secure?


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