The Chosen #promotion

This book was sent to me as a PDF free in exchange for an honest opinion.

This is a biblical story, quite different from other books I’ve read and shared with you recently or even in my past before reviewing items.


Here is a picture of the preface that helps explain what the book is all about.

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One of the reasons I found it different is because it seems to be written in third person. Not a style of writing I am used to reading. The text is a bit small as I was sent a PDF rather than a gift card to purchase the ebook on Amazon. Most likely the print would be a lot easier to read in the purchased version, as these are snapshots of a page. I cannot zoom when sent PDF’s or change font size. Here is one page from the book near the beginning to give you an idea of the writing style.


Because this is a biblical story, they use names that I’ve never heard of, or cannot remember from when I’ve read the Bible… (Actually read all New Testament and most of the old when I was a teenager!!)

There are names such as Anathoth and words like Chaldeans (a race I believe), Naimel (a place) which in my opinion make this a mature read, just simply due to a more difficult diction and syntax (the words used).

HEY LOOK! More white gap!!  I did manage to post a few cool things to give away to a friend of mine, but one small corner clean is better than no corners right!?

Even though this is not a book for me, for anyone interested in Biblical stories, or perhaps history majors, this might be a book that would interest you.

This book is available for sale on Amazon. It is currently listed at $3.95 for an ebook, and $9.99 in paperback


Book Description:
An Epic Novel Based on the Biblical story of Daniel

Separated from his family, his homeland and his childhood sweetheart, Daniel, a Judean youth of noble lineage, is exiled to Babylon, where his captors hope to use his talents at the Royal court. What will eventually become of the youth – as he is subjected to gruelling trials and tests – neither he nor his captors can even imagine…

Shlomo Kalo’s masterpiece of Biblical literature, THE CHOSEN, is being republished in three volumes. Kalo, one of the most prolific writers in Israel and a nominee for the Nobel Prize in Literature, brings to new life the themes and spirit of the Biblical story of Daniel in this lively, dramatic epic novel. His masterwork of storytelling weaves together the themes of faith, friendship, betrayal, love stronger than death, and redemption. ˃˃˃ The first instalment, Book 1 THE YOUTH

In THE YOUTH, Daniel and three friends are among those forcibly sent to Babylon to serve in court after the conquest of Jerusalem by the armies of Nebuchadnezzar. The long and tortuous journey from Jerusalem to Babylon is filled with danger, as well as reminiscences of his love since childhood, Nejeen, and his slain father, Prince Naimel.

Once in Babylon, the youths are educated in their roles in service of the King, learning the Chaldean language and the ways of the court. Daniel passes an early test, refusing to partake of non-kosher meat and wine, being allowed to eat what is their diet for ten days.

Daniel’s powers of prayer and healing, along with his excellence in studies and horseback riding, gain him great supporters in court, as well as jealousy and hostility from others in Babylon, leading to the first attempt on his life by his own compatriots.


SO — what do YOU think? Is this a book that you, or anyone you know might be interested in? Would you be okay reading a book with a lot of harder words?


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