Good Friends #childrensbook is FREE right now

I have plans to blog to you all about Good Friends tomorrow… so just checked that the US link I had was correct on amazon for this and saw that it is currently $0!  That’s right… it’s FREE. I am SURE that there was a charge before, so you need to get this now, while you still can without cost.

I will post my review tomorrow, but was worried if I waited to share this, it might be too late. I honestly can’t remember if this is always free or not.


If you are Canadian… then use THIS LINK to get this book for free on



  1. I clicked to purchase and its not available for free to Canadians. It did not say who it was available for free to only that the purchase could not be completed and I could cluck a different link for titles available in my country. That was disappointing. It looks like a great bòok.


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