Waxy Ear Plugs!?

I received this product free of charge in exchange for an honest opinion.

*UPDATE*  Special  “Once A Year” SALE !!! SALE Ends At “MIDNIGHT” !!!  So if you are interested, might have to buy them sooner rather than later.


When the mighty ear plugs arrived my husband and I had some serious doubts about using them. Rather than the foam or silicon style that I’m used to using these are made of wax, and feel almost like Plasticine.

We were both concerned about wax being trapped, or left behind in the ear drum causing obvious issues. I had asked my husband to try these, before I realized they were wax, because he works at a large goldmine and it can be quite loud there. Secondly, and most importantly, because I snore like a banshee! Totally NOT kidding, my mom swears as a child I was shaking the windows because of undiagnosed sleep apnea (it turns out). I thought that if it could work to block out my worst nights of snoring then it would have my seal of approval. When he did try them, this is what he typed up to explain about them…

I had my doubts about the Mighty Plugs. It seemed to be a clay-like product I had to put into my ears, and I was uncomfortable with the idea. I put my reservations aside and decided to give it a try anyway. I work in the mining industry and have access to numerous types of ear plugs, ear muffs and I also have a pair of custom-fit ear plugs that are reusable.

The first rule we learn about ear plugs is they are one-time use. We try to make our hands as clean as possible prior to using an ear plug to prevent contaminates from getting in our ears, which leads to ear infections. The exception is my custom fit ear plugs. We do not touch the part that goes in our ears and we wash them with soap and water after use.

As there were no directions on how to activate the product, I did a quick online search to find the Mighty Plugs home page and directions on how to use their ear plugs. I rolled them between my fingers for the required to 10-15 seconds and they became malleable enough to use. The Mighty plugs are very comfortable to wear for extended periods of time and seem to provide average to above average protection.

As I proceeded with my activities the ear plugs would come loose and there was a reduction in hearing protection. I could push them back into my ear to regain hearing protection. They were, as advertised, very easily reusable. You can see in the picture that the ear plugs became pretty dirty after using them for half of my 12 hour shift in which the work I was doing was fairly clean.


I cannot recommend this product for use in my industry as there is inconsistent hearing protection, and reusing them increases the amount of contaminants being introduced to the ear. They are very comfortable to wear, much more so than my custom ear plugs. Of the half dozen different types of disposable ear plugs that are available to me, the Mighty Plugs are the most comfortable to wear for extended periods of time. I would definitely recommend Mighty Plugs for home use.


So there you have it folks. If you work in a goldmine, or dirty work environment where there is a lot of movement, this product is probably not for you. But for home use, he would recommend it!

Gee —- his review was super descriptive…I might have to ask him to start helping me review a LOT more often!!!  Tee hee hee!  We were sent the one pair “sampler pack” that is currently valued at $7.95 on their site. There is also the option to buy (in PAIRS) 2 (in one box), 6 (in one box), 12 (in one box), or 24 (in all SEPARATE boxes).

I would SUGGEST that if you were going to use this product, maybe try first with the sample pack, buying only one pair (which works out to $3.98 per individual plug).

THEN – if you like them and want to use them regularly buy the 12 pairs Lg. Personal Value Pk. That is the CHEAPEST option for you. Use the sample pack to bring your used plugs back and forth (or to be stored in your swimming bag / locker / desk / bed side, etc.)  Then, once the plug is no longer usable, throw it out and put in a new pair into your small case. It works out to $1.66 per individual plug

Here is the break down on price. First number is the amount of PAIRS, second number is the price divided by the total number of ear plugs in the package you’ll pay per ear.

1 pair = 3.98 / individual plug
2 = 3.48
6 = 2.50
12 – 1.66
24 = 1.98*

The 24 pairs are all in ind. packages, so the cost is a little higher, but would be great if you want them in multiple locations, or to share with friends and family members!


The “World’s Finest” Ear Plug Highest Blocking! Total Sealing! Moldable Ear Plug! At Beneficial Products Inc., we are Dedicated to Providing Products that are *Beneficial* for Humanity

The Ear Plug Industry is comprised of manufacturers that produce ear plugs derived from mainly 2 chemically based sources; Foam, Foam, Foam, More Foam and Silicone.
Made in Oregon, USA since 1996; we have been continually improving on what is now universally regarded as the BEST BLOCKING Moldable Ear Plug in the World. Made from the natural ingredients of pure beeswax, sterile cotton & purified lanolin; this perfect blend has produced the finest, most  efficient earplug ever produced. So effective & superior because it forms-to the ear canal and seals it as its inserted.
To create a Perfect Custom Fit,  adults and children with smaller ear canals, can simply pinch off the right amount of material to make a smaller ear plug; and for those with large ear canals, they too can simply combine the ear plugs to make a larger ear plug that fits their ear perfectly. For swimmers, bathers & those with major & minor ear problems, this remarkable ear plug *completely* protects the inner ear & seals-out water 100% .
Especially REUSABLE!! –Mighty Plugs are without question “The Best Value” for the money;  for each pair can be worn from 30 to 35 times and more!  With such an indefinite shelf life, they last for years and years!


They offer FREE worldwide shipping on “most” orders. They stated on their site that they *Guarantee* These (9 Results) From Mighty Plugs

1.”Best Blocking” EarPlug – All Natural “Beeswax” Blocks Out More

2. Soft and Moldable – They (Form to) your ear & (Seal) it

3. Especially Comfortable – Wear Them All Day or All Night Long

4. Blocks Out (All) Noises –  LOUDEST Snoring to LOUD Machinery

5.Total Waterproof Seal – Swimming, Surfing, Diving, Bathing

6. Reusable (30-40) Times – This is The “Best Value” of Any EarPlug

7. ( 100% *Guaranteed* ) – 100% Risk Free Satisfaction Guarantee

8. Select “Add To Cart” – Get *FAST* (Same Day) SHIPPING

9. *FREE* Shipping!!! – For *Most  Orders* – WORLDWIDE!!!

What do you think about this product? Would you be willing to try a clay type earplug if its comfortable to use over the traditional foamy ones? What was your initial feeling – was it like mine of unease, or think it’s cool?  Lemme know below!

Have a great night everyone. This is MommaKauk signing off!!!


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