Round Ice Ball Maker

I do not know how I have managed to have this amazing item for SO long and not told you all about it. I’ve already been telling people in town and on my personal Facebook page about this!

I received this item free of charge in exchange for an honest opinion – and if you haven’t guessed already, I LOVE IT!

I gave this to my husband for Fathers Day from Little Man


(Shhhh, don’t tell Daddy my little monkey got it from his mommy for free!) and with that I gave him a fairly expensive bottle of Whiskey (since it’s illegal for minors to buy alcohol LOL).

My husband just woke up and said its “kinda cool having spherical ice cubes, I really like it, and it might convince me to  actually start using ice cubes again. The larger ice cube size doesn’t melt as fast in my whiskey and the smaller size tray fits a lot easier in our freezer than a huge tray that would often spill. This one has never spilled!”

To make the ice cubes you fill the bottom part mostly full with water, then add the top and fill up the rest of the compartment. You want to make sure that you get the silicon all the way pushed down if you want a perfect 4.5 centimetre circular ice cube.

VIDEO uploading now to my YouTube channel so you can see what the cubes look like, and how to use them, there is also an appearance by little man! I will embed it as soon as its done.

As always, please remember that our children grow up to resemble their parents.


If you are drinking alcohol, please do so responsibly, and after your kids are sleeping. They don’t need to see you drunk…. EVER.  This has been a P.S.A. by Little Man

There are TONs more uses than just for whiskey. On the box itself it suggests several things, I’ve written them here with a little more information and detail.

  • Crushed mint and fruit for your Sangria, lemonade or hold the mint and use it in your water
  • Fill it with milk or coffee creamer for your iced coffee. Even with a flavoured creamer
  • Use water cubes to cool whiskey , wines or light drinks
  • Use kids’ flavoured drinks for Popsicles or food colouring for colourful drinks

I use this also to cool my sons sippy cups when out on walks, going to the park or because of our current boil water advisory, so I don’t have to refrigerate as much water.

You can see more Bar Brat reviews on their Facebook page (maybe give them a like while you are there too and let them know MommaKauk sent you), or check out their webpage to see their win Aerator.  You can buy this on their AMAZON listing.

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What would you be most interested in using this for?  Can you think of any other uses!? 



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