Biorhythms Calculator 2015 #BinaryMark GIVEAWAY

Biorhythms are not something I was previously familiar with — AT ALL. So when the option to review this came up, I was curious. I was not really sure how to use their program, or what my results were… so I did a bit of research from their webpage, to learn a little more to share with you. I will be giving away THREE free copies of their program that you will have access to for 6 months!!! Link is at the bottom to enter.

Here is the information I learned about… 

With their program you are able to see Primary, I-Ching, Secondary rhythms, Intuitive Patterns and custom rhythms.  There are 10 customized and interactive views including Graph, Table, Calendar, Timeline, Report, etcetera.

This program will help you to stay informed about the best and worst times to engage in specific activities so that you can take advantage of the good days and be prepared for the bad ones!

You are able to make stylish and personalized reports with charts, tips, and visuals that you can print and/or share on social media or e-mail. You can also analyze up to 10 people.

So basically, what you need to know is that there are different phases:

Active Phase is when the rhythm’s associated abilities are high, located above the X-Axis.
Passive Phase is when the rhythm’s associated abilities are low and diminished. Located below the X-Axis.
Critical Day is when a particular rhythm transitions from Active to Passive, crossing the X-Axis from the top down. Since your body is busy adjusting to the swing in the phases, this is the most vulnerable time, and the abilities associated with it can be very low.

If you want to keep reading information from their site, click on the link.

NOW for the good news. 

There are a TON of different ways that you can get this for FREE, without having to pay a dime.

You can do tasks, or a review, like products of their on FB, refer two new customers, join their affiliate Program, on their site. They even say that you can ask us for additional discount, if you feel that their prices are too high, and if you if you partially complete one or few of the items from the list linked above (i.e. blog about our product, make forum posts, submit a testimonial or a suggestion, etc.). If you just want to buy it, they are offering 10% OFF

OR — even better…. just  enter my giveaway HERE!!! 

I will be giving away THREE copiesYou will get a fully functional paid version to use for 6 months. 

This is open World Wide (where allowed) to those 14 years of age or older. This program is compatible for PC and Mac computers (different links depending on operating system). Entries accepted until Thursday July 9th at 12pm CST. Prize is valued at $28 per program given away (approx $85). Currently listed on sale 35% off for $21. Odds of winning depends on number of entries. 


Product Description written by the company…

See how compatible you are in various areas with your loved ones, relatives, and friends in detailed, sortable Compatibility View and by being able to view biorhythms of multiple people side-by-side.
Make personalized reports in a few clicks with charts, tips, and visuals – ready for printing and e-mail!
Integrated but optional Astrology, Numerology, and Celebrity Database modules further enhance the already impressive product`s feature set!

You can get started using the product very quickly! There is zero-learning curve as product`s intuitive Office 2007-like Ribbon User Interface, built-in interactive tutorial, and detailed tips make it a breeze to access the desired functionality. On top of that there is a ton of usability features: complete copy-paste and printing support for all views; lots of options; visualizations that make it possible to judge one`s biorhythms status at a glance; export to Excel, jpeg and other file formats; state of the art navigation system, and much, much more!

From their promotion listing: What biorhythms are and how they can help you:

“Have you ever had a really bad day? Maybe you tripped over the cat as you were getting out of bed, ran out of gas on the way to work because you forgot that you needed fill up, botched up a major project that the boss was counting on to get right, and burned dinner. When it was all said and done, you probably wished that you had just stayed in bed that morning.

We all have days like that to some extent. But we also have good days. They might not stand out in our minds like the bad ones do, but everyone has them. So why are some days horrible and others stellar? Many of us blame it on fate. But what if I told you that you could avoid having bad days?

You are probably thinking, “Yeah, that would be nice, but I do not have a crystal ball”. But you do not need one! All you need to turn those bad days into good days is a basic understanding of biorhythms and how to use them to your advantage. There is no rocket science involved, just a few calculations that you do not necessarily even have to do yourself.

Want to learn more? In the e-book, provided with the product when you buy it, we will go over the concept of biorhythms and explain how you can use them to change your life for the better.

You can learn more about biorhythms on these websites:

Wikipedia Article on Biorhythms
Captain Biorhythm’s Resource

Your life is affected by rhythmic biological cycles (biorhythms) that move in sinus curves starting at your birth and continuing throughout your whole life, influencing you in many ways. The three rhythms of particular importance are: Physical that affects your overall fitness and well-being; Emotional that affects you mood and awareness; and Intellectual that affects your logical analysis, memory, and communication.


Did you miss the giveaway link?  Here it is again: enter my giveaway HERE!!! 


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