iPhone and iPad App #SortlyReview

If you are the kind of person who lends out a lot of items or likes to make to do lists when you are moving homes then this might be the very application you need.


It lets you have 200 entries stored in the free version! If that is not enough, and you would like to use some of the premium features shown below it will then cost $8.99

I think it’s a great app as long as you  remember to use it! I had it installed and kept forgetting about it. I do especially like the feature for keeping track of items you are lending though. That’s more what I’m intending to use this for in the future (haven’t lent anything out). There are different categories too – so you can keep track of things you’ve lent at home, work or about moving.

There are also a variety of ways to sort the list as seen below

 IMG_4134  IMG_4137

I also like that you can take pictures to keep track of the value of items. So when you buy something, say a new TV you can enter the value, where you bought it or any other notes you want to remember, like warranty information – no more digging through the filing cabinet.



This could also be used on anything in your house of value when creating an insurance document (to catalogue household items) but using a continuous video would be faster if doing it all at once.

If you’ve downloaded this application from the app store and are having any issues using it, they actually have how to videos posted to help you out!

If you haven’t read enough, then here are a few more things about the application itself….written by the company (and not me)! You can also check them out on their Facebook page.

Sortly is the Ultimate Organizer App – featured in Huffington Post and Fast Company!

Sortly is an easy-to-use iPhone and iPad app that lets you organize all your stuff by creating a visual inventory that you can easily search, manage, and categorize. Our customers love using Sortly for moving, keeping track of their collectibles, and home inventory. In addition, our small business customers use Sortly as a simple inventory tool.

Based on the familiar concept of files and folders, Sortly lets you organize your items using folders.
With ability to add multiple photos, videos, tags, Sortly makes your life very easy. No more hours of searching for the baby pictures you stored in the attic. Search in seconds in Sortly to find it.

Sortly Premium ($7.99) – 

1) Create beautiful QR labels and print them on off-the-shelf self-adhesive labels. Associate the QR labels with any item or folder in the app, so you can search for the content by scanning.

2) Unlimited cloud storage space for your items. Free version limits to 200 entries.

3) Beautiful PDF exports as well as ability to export data to Dropbox. Share with your friends.

4) Ability to add 15-second videos. Record a lot more information on your items.

Sortly App Store Link

If you happen to download this link, leave them a review on the app store. They don’t have enough yet even to show a rating since this application is so new!

Do you THINK this is something you would use?  What would you use it most for? The free version seems like you could do almost everything needed, unless you use it a ton, without having to pay for it.


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