How do you breakfast!?

Today Little Man was having a good morning and I was not in a rush…so I thought I’d have more than just the piece of toast with fruit, waffle, cereal or basic fried egg.

I fried up two eggs with minimal butter, breaking the yolk under the egg white so as to flatten the eggs without the yolk spilling everywhere.

Then I got two English muffins ready for the toaster and popped them down. Grabbed some American cheese, seasoned my eggs and flipped them, putting a piece of cheese on top to melt.

In the meantime I cut up half an avocado and a Roma tomato. I also washed some fresh garden lettuce my neighbour brought yesterday.

Little Man loves when I’m cooking or prepping food.

Butter the English muffin, put on the egg, avocado, tomato (seasons little more if desired), washed lettuce and any fresh herbs, like basil. Top with the other side of the English muffin and enjoy.

Like a little spice? I added salsa to mine, and a small amount of curry to the ones for Little Man (ran out of mild/med salsa so would be too much for him, but he loves curry too!)

He helped eat a few extra bits of the prepped food on top of half a sandwich, then some fruit with his milk!

If you are feeling adventurous and have a little extra time then prepare (or buy) guacamole and mix in diced tomato and/or salsa for your breakfast. Maybe top with spinach if you can’t get access to fresh lettuce.

Don’t have an English muffin or your gluten free? Scramble the egg with the other ingredients and add in the lettuce and avocado (or guacamole) in at the end. Or make this sandwich on your favourite type of toast!

Enjoy either your American long weekend celebrations or your Canadian post holiday weekend. If you live somewhere else… then just have an AWESOME weekend! 🙂

What’s YOUR favourite speedy breakfast when you’re in a rush? What’s your favourite comfort breakfast that either you, a spouse, parent/child or restaurant makes you?

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  1. Oh, I love his cheeks! What a little ham.
    I would love an egg whites and fried ham on my english muffin or even on a buttery biscuit. We really don’t do much for breakfast as my youngest is allergic to egg as well as many other foods, but egg is his most severe allergen at the moment. Just makes me nervous.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I love adding anything I have in my fridge when I cook. It’s never the same twice for soups, stews and random things. Usually it’s just egg, cheese. Maybe tomato. Since I had so much veggies and fruit decided to experiment. It was sooo good.

      I should post one of my kitchen sink soup recipes. I wrote it down once for my FB cooking page


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