Ceramic Flat Iron Hair Straightener

When I first applied to review a hair straightener I was so super excited! Like most people, at least one point in their lives, I’ve hated my curly hair in the past. Trying to use a straightener meant at least an hour, or longer to use between waiting for it to get hot enough, then waiting in between each piece of hair for it to heat again, then going over the same piece of hair several times, effectively frying my hair.

It was a week or two (I think) before I was approved for this, and in that time I had chopped off a LOT of my hair. I was still determined to show this to you as best as possible so I had arranged to actually straighten one of my students hair (with permission from the student and her parent to appear on my blog) — but it didn’t work out, which delayed this review a little longer than I had intended.

My mom — AKA MommaKauks Momma (lol) — came way up North (a 7 hour drive) to visit Little Man and I, and helped me out by straightening my hair and appearing in my blog.


This is my mom…She doesn’t actually like cameras and wouldn’t let me take a picture of here… so this was all I got!

Check out my video on  YouTube or below!

We found it worked really well. There is just a red light. Its on or off. That is because it apparently adjusts the temperature based on hair’s thickness, texture, and styling needs. I found it worked much faster than any I’ve used in the past, even professional hair salons – they didn’t work as well. Mind you – the ones I used were 7-8 years ago, so the technology has apparently exploded (really makes me feel ancient and behind the times!)

Oh!!  Something else I forgot to mention was that when I un-boxed this, there was REALLY good wrapping on here. The Amazon box had packing paper in it, and under that was the Hair Iron box. When I opened that, the Flat Iron was in bubble wrap. The tip was wrapped in a bag, with soft Styrofoam sheet between the plates. Also a cord wrapper around the cord, with a plastic protector on the prongs – I was very impressed. I did an unboxing video… but I need to upload that still and its way past my bedtime!

View my unboxing video here on Youtube, or watch below…

Here are a few extra pictures of me showing how fast and easy it was to use and finished results. Just about to start using the straightener — a posed picture since my mom did it for me!


My mom did half my head in 2-3 minutes. I may have short hair, but its very thick… even more so since using the Fibralogy products I was sent awhile ago. I quickly managed to silly flip up my bangs.

IMG_4047 IMG_4048

Here is the half done front view… quite a huge difference I thought. And it wasn’t poofed up by the end of the day even. Most took only 1 or a quick second pass to straighten.


Here is totally finished


IMG_4067  IMG_4074 IMG_4082

Click on the photos to see them larger if you’d like

View the Ceramic Flat Iron Hair Straightener on Amazon.com or the ISA Professional Website. You can also check them out on their Facebook Page.

More information from the listing: 

* 100% Solid Tourmaline ceramic plates
* SMART Automatic Temperature adjustment <– On or OFF… no temp messing
* Universal Voltage
* Fast and safe straightening, curls, waves <—- YUP!
* 360 degree no tangle cord  <—- I may have played with that a little
* Full 2 year warranty  (AWESOME RIGHT!!!!)



  1. This straightener was really easy to use! Light weight also so it didn’t really bother the arthritis in my hands while I was doing the hair! Some handles are a lot wider and harder for me with my hand joints to be able to use with ease, didn’t have that problem with this one! 🙂

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