Imaginarium Ebook

John wanted to run away (as most children do at least one point in their lives), how could his parents not understand that he didn’t have time to clean his room or do chores when there was buried treasure to find and organizing tea parties for Fluffbutt the cat (who had no say in the matter) and himself.

[And NO Fluffbutt is NOT a typo on my part] Running away was easy but soon the thoughts of how no one could live without you would enter your mind. Mom needed you there to listen, dad needed you to pretend his jokes were actually funny… Thus John soon returned home.

John was no ordinary child… Actually he is a 42 year old man who lives with Theo, his cat (AKA Fluffbutt) with a wild imagination and a huge sense of adventure…. but he’d forgotten how to have one! He becomes friends with the once dreaded and fearsome pirate ‘Captain Simon Peabody’, and together they go on a quest to save magic! Along their way they meet up with the caretaker, and of course a dragon – because what is a magic seeking quest without a dragon!

This was a fast-paced, and kind of nutty/insane adventure book that would be great for middle aged children….or grown-ups, like myself, who wished they lived in a Never-land realm where they could stay young forever and would like to lose themselves in childhood magic once again. It had me laughing pretty much from the first pages where Fluffbutt was mentioned, right up to the end.

It is currently selling on as a Kindle e-book for only $1 or in print for $9.70 USD

There are 108 pages, and it was published by Blurb on May 18, 2015. I received this ebook free of charge in exchange for my honest opinion.

About the Author

Z.R. Southcombe is a children’s fantasy writer and surrealist painter. She is the author of the inspiring picture book ‘What Stars Are Made Of’ and recently released chapter book ‘The Caretaker of Imagination’. She usually has a few creative projects on the go, including a personal blog, and is always inspired by the young people she meets in her teaching job. No matter what project she is currently working on, Z. R. is usually accompanied by a cup of tea.



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