SilverLeaf Books

Are you looking for some AMAZING books to read, but you’ve run out of ideas of where to look. Why not try Silver Leaf Books!?  I have recently been in contact with this awesome company through Cliff, and he has sent me a bunch of books to review for you all. There is NO WAY I can do these in just a day or two, or a week — so I wanted to give you a sneak peek at these. I was also just told that there are even MORE on the way…. I am SO excited!!  EEk.

I will also let you know when the new ones arrive, in addition to reviewing as I read through them all. (I’m going to be one busy working Momma for the next little while with work, reading and reviewing other items too!)

FIRST — where you can find these books, and others they have published??  
1. Silver Leaf Books (SLB) website –
2. Personal website –
3. SLB Facebook Page –
4. CBB Author Like Page –

IMG_3358  IMG_3355 IMG_3354 IMG_3353 IMG_3352 IMG_3351  IMG_3346 IMG_3345 IMG_3344 IMG_3343 IMG_3342 IMG_3341


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