Dolphins don’t Run Marathons

This is a different style of e-book I have for you today!

The book is described as follows: I am trapped in the marathon world. Help!! I cannot find any way to escape the marathon jungle world. Stop being a case study in the runner’s world. Dolphins Don’t Run Marathons will lead you towards a new direction so you will be able to find a way to escape from the world of marathons and move on to a new, positive sporting life.

So… all that aside, this book takes a look at the ‘human condition’ while comparing them to animals; mainly: ants (never ending, running from one location to the next), chimps (the more intellectual, non-athletic animals, who are happy for others without jealousy) and the Dolphins (athletic and have the best of both worlds who balance many sports… Including sex).

Each page had only one to a few sentences on it so it was weird at first to read it but it became easier. The book goes between his animal metaphors and real life stories. A very interesting, but difficult read! This isn’t your typical curl up on the couch with a mug of hot chocolate type book. But, perhaps, if you are looking for a different style of book, this will be the one for you. I feel like this is more of an intellectual book — you have to be thinking, while reading, to catch the subtleties of the author.

This book is available on



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