DENOTEK Windshield Car Phone Mount Holder

Denotek, according to their post, is the #1 Rated Windshield Car Phone Holder. I don’t know if that is actually true or not, but what I do know, they are very cool!

No cradle to fumble with, very easy to set up and almost idiot proof! They sent these instructions:


One extra step I would suggest would be to wash your window, where ever you plan to place the mount, it will help ensure the bond stays secure.  Not only for this product, but anything you plan to tick to a window or other smooth surface!


*And of course, I was sitting at Tim Horton when I took this picture. My favourite Canadian coffee place!

On the mount itself, there is a tacky circle that attaches to the windshield, so its not just relying on an eventual faulty suction cup (still pretty miffed about my baby window shade that broke the first day I put it on the window…. but that’s another post!). Once stuck you push a lever to suction it to the window.

It comes with two different magnetic disks you can use. One is circular, the other is larger and rectangular. For heavier phones (or cases) the larger rectangular magnet is recommended.


You can either stick the round magnet to the phone backing (not recommended) or you can put it in behind your add on cell phone case. If your battery does not take up too much room, and you do not use a case, you can also open your phone and place the magnet disk in behind the cell phone casing. I used the large rectangular one. There is no sticky backing to that one.

This product would work well as a GPS mount, or a variety of phones. They’ve recommended it for iPhone 6, 5, Samsung Galaxy S5, S4 Note 3, 4 & all other Smartphones.

11426460_10153388477613536_1848672311_n (1)

I drove over some pretty serious bumps, and while my phone had shifted a tiny bit, I didn’t have to readjust and it didn’t fall off, so it seems pretty decent. I used this with my iPhone 6, with a slip case on it. I was worried about using it with my charger case, though it might be fine…. I dunno battery case plus magnet seemed wrong. If I try it, I will let you all know!!!

It is dangerous to be using your phone, or searching for it while driving. In Canada, and many other places, they have actually made it illegal to be holding your phone while driving. With this mount, you can safely accept a hands-free call*, use your phone for navigation, or listen to your music.

*I strongly recommend to still pull over while talking on the phone, even though the law allows you to do so hands free. You should always give your full attention to the road.

They also boast a Risk-free Life Time Warranty!

I really liked how easy it was to install, I can put it anywhere I want, and doesn’t seem like it will be too likely to fall off. I also really liked that I just put it near and it attached, no fumbling to open / close holders, and its high enough I can actually use my GPS on my cell, rather than the ones I’ve bought in the last that were chargers and went into the cigarette lighter outlet.

If there is a downside, it would be that if you want to put it in a different position, or into a different car, I imagine you might need to buy another sticky circle on the mount. They sell the adhesive disks separate for $7.99.

To check it out for yourself click HERE. It’s currently listed at $24.99 USD and does not ship to Canada. I received this product free of charge in exchange for my honest opinion.


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