********There is some swearing, child abuse and other mature themes in this book*********

Emma and Danny are 8 year old twins who live at home with their dad; a raging alcoholic abusive father. The first chapter rushes through the police at the front door, while dad screams back at the ‘fraudulent’ accusations. Then…. Silence. They set the clock for 45 min, when he usually gets drunk…. But only ten minutes later, they hear his footsteps approaching their room. This is their reality for 8 more years.

  • The first chapter had my heart racing and breaking picture that is painted that is very fast paced.

Fast forward 13 years to the future. Emma is starting a new job at Alexander Marketing Corporation (AMC) and runs into the CEO of the company named Trace Alexander. A tall, blond, blue eyed – gorgeous – man in his 20’s. She’s never cared about how men looked but this one has her heart on fire… And he seems to like her too! But that is not the ending to our little love affair… things go from amazing, back to hell in a hand basket. Has Emma’s father finally found her, and now seeks vengeance for leaving? “One bad decision places Emma in the hands of the man she has been running from and threatens her very life.”

  • The story starts to slow down so that you can catch your breath, and get a little background detail. Throughout the book there are flashbacks to Emma’s childhood via dreams, or should I say nightmares.

I don’t want to say much more and ruin the story, but WOW, I couldn’t put this book down. I truly recommend this book, but it is for mature / older readers in my opinion, due to the mature content.

Check it out here and if nothing else, read the sample. What did you think of the book so far? Were you as hooked as I was!?



  1. This was an awesome mature read. There are some scenes that get a little too into detail when it comes to their intercourse. But it was awesome. The book instantly hooks you versus so many others who fill you in with all the boring background type information first. Very well written and I don’t think I noticed any spelling or grammatical errors either (compared to ones that needed a LOT of corrections)


  2. I’m a teacher and it broke my heart, and made me extremely passionate about Emma, hoping the twins would escape soon. Rooting for her to succeed. I usually like romance books, but I have to admit I skipped a few of the too detailed parts of their love making. Those parts don’t interest me. But the book as a whole was really good and kept me reading


  3. Ughhh this sounds so amazing!! I seriously had to buy the Kindle edition after reading your review on it. This is definitely my type of story. Just your description is suspenseful! Tell the company that you made a sale on this! Thank you so much for introducing me to this book!


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