Chu Berries Pacifier n Toy Clip

One of the primary problems with many paci clips are the metal clips they use — with the drool that comes with the teething, biting and chewing everything, it rusts and becomes a problem. The new stuffed animal soother holders are awesome to babies to snuggle with, but friends have told horror stories of the meltdowns when the stuffy paci holders have become sour smelling, bacteria factories and baby has to go 1-2 hours without them while they are being washed.

Enter the solution to all your problems… Chu Berries Pacifier and Toy Clip


It is made from 100% silicon and only require a little soap and warm water to wash. I have two different styles of soothers here, and I feel the need to tell you – before we go too much farther, these are chew toys, pacifiers a NOT sucked on in this household… not back to your regularly scheduled review!

The attachment around the soother is a ribbon on a fairly firm fitting button snap. I liked how hard it was to opens as my son will not be able to open it either. This will EASILY fit the loop type soothers. What I was really curious to see was whether it would work on the teeny, tiny hold on my pink First Years soother… and it DID.


Trying to get the clip part open that attaches to my sons shirt was a little harder to figure out. You have to NOT pinch to open it… that was what I kept trying to do. Holding just a little higher than the pink bead bend the beads down with the back of the clip, and it opens.

They have stated that there are NO: BPA, phthalates, cadmium, lead, wood, paints or metals. This made me really happy as I feel like its safe for my son. many companies don’t list this, you are always wondering in the back of your mind.

The promoter has also stated that this will work with MAM, Soothie, Avent, Nuk, & more. Please note that this product is not intended to be used as a toy. Your baby should always be supervised when using it. It also worked with my FirstYears Gumdrop soother you see above and any that use the large loop. It wasn’t hard to get the snap through my hole.

Another REALLY cool feature, you will ONLY EVER BUY ONE!!!  Why you ask? They have stated that if its ever showing any signs of damage, return it to the manufacturer and request your “LIFETIME TRADE UP GUARANTEE”. They are apparently the ONLY pacifier clip that offers this. Simply contact Chu Berries and they will send you a coupon for a FREE product with purchase. Don’t put your Chu Berries products in a landfill – send it to them and they will recycle them for you.

There are currently two different colour choices. I REALLY wanted the rainbow one, but ordered the wrong one. They had no problem working with me to get me this one, even though it was my fault for not paying attention to which was selected.

Check out their Amazon listing, which one do you prefer? And does anyone else out there have a chewer rather than a sucker!?

I received this product free of charge in exchange for an honest opinion. I’ll tell you what I think…. I only share products I think you might like, and I would use myself pm1662d1307aaa81230b651ecf00d27180



  1. Clean up on these would be SO easy! Is the ribbon what holds this together? I’m thinking if it broke how easily those could get choked on but if it’s a substantial piece holding them together I think this looks great!


    • So I checked it again this morning more carefully, and it is a ribbon through the beads, but my 15 month old son was pulling as hard as he could and they didn’t budge at all. I would recommend just checking it before each use to make sure there are no structural issues.

      It was not attached to his shirt this morning and he managed to pull the snap apart because he was chewing it (that attaches the soother to the chu berries. I don’t think he could do that while he’s clipped in, but will let you know if it happens again 😀


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