Branching out… in the KITCHEN!

I have started a new home business through TupperWare Canada! If you would like to have an on-line TupperFUN Party through Facebook, or would like to place an order, just let me know.

I have an AMAZING mentor, so if you have any questions at all, post them below or on my NEW Facebook page:

Here are a few of the sales going on right now!!

BOTH are live right now until June 12th.

Sale til June 12

Sale til July 10

Also, there are AMAZING perks if you would like to join my team. My mentor is wonderful and supportive, and you can have $400 worth of products for as low as $30. You make 25% commission on your sales!

Start-up Business Pack

– for this price there are sale requirements. If you just want a ton of stuff, cheap; you can get all this for $110 ($30 up front, $80 two months later — you can still try for the sales).

Mandolin 2

They also have an offer right now, that when you sign up with the above business kit, you can buy this $95 Mandolin for only $25.

So far, I have signed a couple of awesome girls up to my team. I am so very excited about the concept of selling Tupperware. When you have most direct sale businesses, you need to give out all sorts of samples, in this case, you can show photo’s on Facebook or show people your containers, that you WILL use in your own kitchen. There is a LIFETIME warranty on their products. These are one of the BEST known products out there, with a VERY good company name.

They also offer fundraising, where your organization will receive 40% of the proceeds. Check out a couple pages of the fundraising flyer below!

2-3 Do Good Drinks

4-5 Kids Corner

10-11 Classy Classics


Going to also try this branch out thing again… apparently I’ve not signed up for this company, even though I did. Here’s hoping I have a new company to work with…apparently this didn’t work last time, so posting their picture link again



  1. They are very good. I will keep posting the sales as they come up here and especially in the facebook group I’ve posted above. If you are looking for anything specific let me know and I’ll try to keep an eye out for sales!


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