NeuroBeats: Sleep Better

NeuroBeats is a digital sound track that you listen to right before bed to help improve the quality of your sleep. They have based all of their sound tracks based on research, which they have listed on their website.  They state that you need to listen to their soundtrack for half an hour each night before bed (with headphones) for two weeks.

They have a lot of different facts on their site, this is one that I liked the most

“[…] parents and adolescents stated that homework problems due to inattention improved during the 3-week study. Parents and participants stated that the modality was easy to use and helpful.”

Vernon, D., Peryer, G., Louch, J., and Shaw, M. “Tracking EEG Changes in Response to Alpha and Beta Binaural Beats.” International Journal of Psychophysiology 93, no. 1 (2012): 134-39.

Basically, what their NeuroBeats track contains are different repetitive sounds. Some are white noise, some are sounds from nature, others are simply a tempo. By listening to the exact same thing for two weeks, you are conditioning (or training) your brain that those sounds, in that order, signifies bed time (aka be sleepy).

So by following their instructions, listening to the tracks for 30 min, it will help to relax you (as long as you are not annoyed by the sound itself — I couldn’t handle the white noise) and you will start to get tired as you listen to them. You are developing a new learned habit.

While I agree that this will help… you can do this with any song, sound track or music, as long as it is not too fast paced and upbeat. If you do not have anything suitable at home, then this is a product I would recommend to you.

I used to, unknowingly do this every night as a child, I would turn on my favourite tape on my boombox (yeah, I get it, I’M OLD!) and listen to EVERY SINGLE NIGHT. Drove my husband NUTS when he first met me, as he would get annoyed by the songs. I almost always fell asleep at the same song on the tape/CD EVERY NIGHT…. so it was working for me.

I did find that their product worked for me, but I needed to skip certain tracks that would annoy me, such as the white noise. Currently my routine is to brush my teeth, get into PJs and play my Frozen Free Fall for 5 lives. I am almost always tired by the 3-4th game and go to sleep

**DISCLAIMER — MANY suggest not to use devices right before bed, the light reduces the amount of serotonin produced by your brain, and thus it will wake you up. While this method currently works for me on the dimmest light setting, it probably will not work for others. I do strongly suggest having the same bed-time routine for yourself and your children. It does truly work for all ages!!!!


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