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I am partnering with Mamas on a Dime to give away a 12 foot trampoline with enclosure!!

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My kids always want to be on the move and playing. Either that or they want to be on electronics. Sigh. So I’m always looking for ways to entice them to move even more. I’ve been trying to talk my husband into a trampoline for years. Finally! The day arrived when all my persuasive arguments proved to be too much for him. The Skywalker trampoline made it’s grand entrance! But this thing isn’t just for the kids. No, no, no. It’s fun for the whole family!

My boys were so ridiculously excited to get this thing set up. So when we (finally!) had a day full of sun instead of rain I called my friend Charity over and we got right to work. First, I laid out all the parts to see what I had to work with.

trampoline assembly

There are A LOT of parts. It was a little overwhelming at first. But once I got to work and started going through the steps it didn’t feel quite so daunting. The instructions are fairly straightforward. So follow them and you should be fine.

You start by putting together six separate sections and screwing them in with the provided screw driver (I recommend using your own if you have one. The length of the screw driver just makes it quicker to turn). Then you turn all of the sections over and fit them together to form your round base. You could do all of this by yourself should you choose to. You will obviously want to make sure you do this in a big area.

Trampoline in progress

The next step is to put the mat and the springs on. This can also be done solo. Although be prepared to use your muscles. Your trampoline comes with a spring pulling tool that you will definitely want to utilize during this step. While it’s certainly possible to get all the springs on without it, it is a billion times easier if you have it. You start by putting the springs on each corner and connecting them to the frame as well as the mat. The tool just helps so there is no finger pinching involved and less muscle required.

After that, tie the spring pad around the edges. By far the easiest part of the process.


And then comes the hardest part of the whole process: putting the poles in for the net enclosure. This part takes some serious muscle. You will likely have a ticket to the gun show when you are finished. My bestie Charity and I pushed and pulled and pulled and pushed to get these suckers in. But after much abuse to our muscles we got them in and secure.

You can see Charity below putting all she had into it. We seriously took turns on this part and we both had sore arms the next day.


After that, it was done. The kids were ecstatic! Charity’s girls took turns jumping and performing tricks. And my boys just wanted to play games. Of course the adults had to have a turn as well.

Now that it’s completely put together my kids are out there all the time. I absolutely love that they are asking if they can go outside to jump on the tramp instead of always asking to play on iPads. Plus, I can jump as well. That is, if I can shove my kids off ask my children nicely for a turn. It’s great exercise. Which is awesome since I hate exercise.


Skywalker Trampolines 12’ Round Trampoline with Enclosure is all about the fun and the bounce. With a total of 72 springs, this trampoline won’t be short on any bounce. The sturdy frame is made of heavy duty galvanized steel making it both secure and weather resistant. The Skywalker Trampolines enclosure net uses an innovative design attaching to the jumping mat itself rather than the trampoline frame. This eliminates any gaps between the jumping surface and the enclosure giving a safe and fun jumping area.

Buy It!
You can get your own Skywalker Trampoline with prices starting at just $39. If you aren’t sure which trampoline fits your family then you can check out the Pick Your Trampoline tool on Skywalker Trampolines.

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One Mamas on a Dime reader will win a 12′ Skywalker Trampoline!

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Skywalker trampoline

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