The LAST Day of Kindergarten

I asked to review this item. Just from the front cover, I KNEW I would love this book. Once approved, and had it specially shipped right to my front door, I spoke with a nearby school where I have been supply teaching about reading it on my own free time to their two kindergarten classes. I was overjoyed when both Kindergarten teachers said that I could, and shared my joy with Nancy, the author.  (She said I had made her day!!)

So I read this to two different classes of Full Day Kindergarten students. For the sake of this review, I shall call them FDK-1 and FDK-2.

When I spoke with the FDK-1 teacher, she stated that a few parents had already purchased this book for their children from Scholastic book order already as a graduation present! Since I had not heard of this book before my review I thought that was pretty cool!

Here is what some of the FDK-1 students had to say:

  • “It a good, no great story”
  • “I like when she yelled ‘I’m in First Grade'”
  • I like the picture when they were on stage
  • I like the part at the end when they got on the school bus
  • “I found the whole story to be good and thank you for reading it to us”
  • An awesome story

Then, I went over to the FDK-2 class and read it to her students. Here is what they had to say:

  • I want to make a book like that, about our year in Kindergarten
  • I liked the part when she throwed up her hat
  • I liked the part when they went up on stage
  • I liked when she threw off her hat

I have spoken with both kindergarten teachers about the students interest in publishing their own memory book of their past year, and I hope to get photos to update you all with. They REALLY enjoyed the book, some were shy or didn’t know what to say about what they thought. But this was 37 students in total who all really enjoyed it and asked if I could come in to read this book, or another to them soon.

I really enjoyed the story, looking back from the first day jitters to the end of kindergarten and looking forward to grade 1. The pictures were very engaging and is what most students were really attracted to (myself included). Its a good, short story, and is kindergarten age appropriate. I feel like this book is a total win, as it not only engaged the students while I was reading it to them, but they wanted to take it one step farther and write a book themselves.

Buy this on,, Scholastic book orders from your child’s school or anywhere books are sold.


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