Hair Loss and Dandruff Shampoo

I have been trying out the Regenepure DR Anti-hair loss and dandruff shampoo. They sent me a 4 oz bottle to try free of charge, in exchange for my honest opinion.

My husband (and I) suffer from many allergies. One of his in particular is sulfates. I was quite happy to see that this brand of shampoo is rated sulfate free. It also happens to be Paraben Free as well.

The active ingredient in their shampoo is 1% ketonconazole. They have stated that “Ketoconazole is the only clinical proven ingredient for hair loss shampoo and it is a powerful anti-fungal which defeats dandruff in its tracks.”

It also contains aloe vera which is known to help with inflammation, in addition to emu and jojobo oil which help to add moisture back into the scalp caused by the ketoconazole.

Here is a full list of the shampoo’s ingredients:

Aqua (Deionized Water), Aloe Barbadensis Leaf (Aloe Vera Gel) Juice, Disodium LaurethSulfosuccinate, Sodium Cocoyl Isethionate, CocamidopropylBetaine, Carbomer, Glycerin, PEG-8, Ketoconazole, Niacin (Vitamin-B3), Serenoa Serrulata (Saw Palmetto) Extract, Hydrolyzed Wheat Proteins, Dimethicone, Allantoin, Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin-C), Pyridoxine HCl (Vitamin-B6), Linolenic Acid, Emu Oil, dl-Panthenol, SimmondsiaChinensis (Jojoba) Seed Oil, Menthol, Mentha Viridis (Spearmint) Oil, Hexylene Glycol, Salicylic Acid, PEG-25 Hydrogenated Castor Oil, Citrus MedicaLimonum (Lemon) Oil, Caffeine, Zinc Oxide, Guanine, Polysorbate-80, Phenoxyethanol, Ethylhexylglycerin, FD&C Blue #1.

It is currently available on for $19.95 and ships for free. It states on the listing that this product is not eligible for Amazon Prime (but it’s already free to ship!)

One review stated that their product leaked in transit, but I did not have that problem. It was well boxed, and feel it was adequately protected in transit to my home.

I do have thinning hair, as well as dandruff. The first thing I noticed was the simple bottle design. It wasn’t overly busy with logos and other designs so you can tell what the product is while in the shower. The shampoo itself smells pleasant – kind of minty, and left a smooth, silky feeling between my fingers. While in my hair it lathered fast, so while it is a SMALL bottle, you do not really need to use too much. I followed this shampoo up with the L’Oreal Paris Fibralogy conditioner (since without my hair felt a little squeaky).

I did notice, after only a few washes, that my hair was feeling fuller/thicker — but I have been continuing to use the L’Oreal Paris since my last blog on it.

Overall I would recommend this product to those with dandruff or thinning hair, but suggest to use conditioner as well – being sure to rinse out both well to avoid additional dandruff problems.

You can purchase this from their website, or from



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  1. Lately, I have started looking at products such as this. I have very thick hair, but I have one spot that seems like it is getting thin. I love that this is sulfates and Paraben Free. Nowadays that is so important. Excellent information!


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