180 Cosmetics Pure Swiss Line

Major sales on NOW. If you are at all interested in their product, now is the time to act.

180 Cosmetics Pure Swiss, Hyaluronic Acid Serum + Vitamin C WAS $139.95, NOW only $14.45!!!

– This is one, of their many products, that I have been trying out over the past month. I do not think that I have seen a large difference yet, but their products do state that it can take up to 2 months to start seeing results.

What I CAN tell you is that you need to use VERY LITTLE of their product. I’ve only needed a couple of drops, three at most to cover my face and neck. Additionally, I have VERY sensitive skin, I normally break out, get rashes and/or redness when I use makeup or even certain moisturizers. I have even had breakouts from those claiming to be hypoallergenic!  I have anything like that with these products. In fact, I have oddly had a LACK of acne. I am not sure if I can contribute that to this cream, or from having used the Dream Dots right before the 180 Cosmetics.

Also, I did not notice any “caked on” feeling to my skin once it has dried. Initially there is a mild product feeling – but once dried, it is like my naked skin, without any products.  I do not wear any makeup, except for special occasions, mostly due to my sensitive skin, so that fact that I could not feel it within a few minutes was a huge bonus for me. If I can FEEL the product, it tends to bother me throughout the day.

They also have an extra strength formula for those 40 years of age or older. Since I was “too young”  (wow I haven’t been able to say THOSE words in awhile!!!) I gave this cream to a friend of mine to try out. I have not heard back yet if she has noticed any difference, but I will post another blog once I do with an update!

180 Cosmetics Pure Swiss, Hyaluronic Acid Serum FORTE + Vitamin C WAS $159.95, NOW only $18.95

You can purchase from their WEBSITEAmazon.ca (Cnd) or Amazon.com (USA)


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