Jammy Jams – Rock The Cradle

That’s right folks, Jammy Jams has come out with yet another album! This time, they are doing a lullaby tribute to Billy Idol


Right on their website, you can listen to ALL the songs before buying either digitally from iTunes, or having the CD mailed to you. Check out my post for all the underlined links and listen for yourself. My son LOVES to listen to these songs. Certain ones make him dance, others put him to sleep. Try them out with your child, then order the ones that are right for you! I even find myself singing the words in my head to the songs I know, or tapping my foot. I’ve really enjoyed listening to these songs – this is now my third review for the company, and I hope to do many more in the future!

You can follow Jammy Jams on Facebook, and order their albums from their website. They have tons of albums to choose from in different genres: rock, hip-hip, pop, and even your favourite 80’s music, in addition to their Greatest Nap albums!

What are Jammy Jams? “They are a fun, modern twist on lullabies for parents who strive to create memories with their little ones, while teaching them a thing or two about their own style. … Jammy Jams features lullaby renditions of songs originally by everyone from Dr. Dre to Iron Maiden, Eminem to The Fray, Lady Gaga to The Beastie Boys! Check out our newest lullaby CDs below.



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