Let’s Change That: If Animals Can, We Can, Too!

When Felix finds a baby bird in his backyard, he decides to do something that all the other animals in the neighbourhood find unusual. He first approaches another cat, his friend Felix, trying to solve how he could possibly help a fallen baby bird. But cats are supposed to chase birds. Then he asks a dog for help – but dogs are supposed to change cats. This book touches on SO many themes, that it can become a great way to bring up character education – teaching tolerance, team work, eliminating stereotypes, acceptance, and MANY other things.

This book evolved, the author said, because his son asked him to read two stories every night before bed. Eventually this dad and Chiropractor started making up one of his own. His four year old son kept asking to hear the story of the bird, cat and dog over and over again. The story changed and evolved, becoming more detailed until – thankfully – he decided to get his story published May 30, 2014 to share it with the rest of the world.

This 24 page, soft cover, and beautifully illustrated book is sure to dazzle and entertain your children over and over. I would suggest this book for toddlers up to grades 3/4. The pictures have a Seuss-ical effect with their wavy, without the hard, straight, unforgiving and unchanging lines that are in most children’s stories. It makes it whimsical, and I think allows children to be more attracted to the images.


Let’s Change that has gone EVERYWHERE. It’s been featured on the Detroit Local 4 channel news and on YouTube. He has even won the Mom’s Choice Award. View the below video of the author reading this book at a book store, his son saying many of the words that he has already memorized

He has given away signed books to new students from other countries, as he himself came to America from Lebanon when he was only 9 years of age. He has been making a change in the hearts of children all over North America. If he can make a change, maybe we can too!

His book is available at Barnes and Noble, Amazon.com, his website, and pretty much anywhere books are sold! Get your copy today and start changing the hearts and minds of the young around you today!



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