Lucid 8 – Idle Revolution

Drums, guitar, piano and vocal (and maybe a few other instruments) make beautiful music together. Their music, the band [Lucid 8] states, is similar to the following artists 3 Doors Down, Dream Theatre and Queensryche.

The group was formed in 2010, with a goal of writing, recording and performing their music for anyone who will listen to their unique perspective. They also want their music to “allow the listener to experience something, to feel something.”

The song I liked the best is called ‘Pieces’, it is a fairly “light” song. I am not sure why, but it’s the kind of song I would listen to over and over again. ‘The truth’ is another I really liked.

In my opinion, almost all the songs on the Idle Revolution album have a really good drumbeat, with a medium to fast pace – which could be listened to on a long drive or during a workout. I found the lyrics hard to hear on some of their songs, but I do have a harder time with hearing low male voices (and its possible its the website I was given access to for the purposes of reviewing as well).

I found a couple of their songs were similar in “sound” but overall there was a lot of variety on the album. They could fall into a couple genres, but I would say it’s more rock n roll or alternative. Overall I enjoyed the album and would listen to it again without hesitation.

Little Man even liked a few of the songs, dancing and twisting in time with the beat. My husband also said that he liked the album and that it had “a good driving beat.” However, sometimes he too found the lyrics difficult to make out, but “the song as a whole still sounds good”.

There are MANY ways you can purchase their album, T-Shirts or accessories:

Click on the links to buy from the Webstore ($12.99 free shipping), ($0.99/song, $9.49 MP3, $24.98 CD), iTunes ,($0.99/song, $9.90) Google Play ($1.29 each / $10.94 for all), or listen to it free on Spotify (sign up with Facebook or an email address)

You can listen to a short preview of each song on Amazon and iTunes

  • Original Release Date: May 6, 2014
  • Label: Midnight Records Productions
  • Total Length: 50:46
  • Genres: Alternative Rock  (haha I hadn’t seen their genre until I was posting links!)

I was sent a link to listen to their album free of charge in exchange for an honest review


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