Born Wild Amber Necklace


Wild child – they scream, cry, chews on everything they can find, drools, gets rashes – and its all normal teething behaviour (so “they” say).

I’ve tried a few different things, some have worked really well (Camila, cuddles, distraction and Motrin with fever symptoms), some have done nothing (Tylenol, soothers, most tethers, gum massagers, cold stuff from the fridge/freezer) and others I’ve never bothered to try such as teething tablets, gels and a lot of other medications. When we’ve tried Tylenol it was to try and control fevers that occurred at the same time. Motrin seems to help, but also makes him tired, so I will only use to control teething fever/pain at night, and very rarely as I dislike using medications, preferring natural solutions.

I don’t know why, oh how… but an Amber Necklace DOES seem to make a difference for Little Man. He seems less fussy, no rashes, much less drooling. He will still be a little irritable, and chew on things around the house, but even my husband has picked up on the change. He can tell, without looking, if Little Man is wearing his necklace based on his behaviour! The less drooling really surprised me (as did the other symptoms being reduced).

Safety information to keep in mind when using these: your child, while wearing the necklace, should always be supervised (they should never wear them over night). Also, the necklace when worn should just reach their chin (these are called teething necklaces… they are NOT to be chewed OR sucked on).

Look for necklaces that state they are certified 100% Baltic Amber. Be careful of imitations using plastic or glass beads.You can easily google how to tell if amber is real.

The BornWild necklaces are 100% Baltic Amber straight from Lithuania.  They also Guarantee Happiness 

“Trial and Error. This may work. This may not. We won’t hold it against you. We won’t make you keep it the rest of your life. Drop us a note. Send it back. We will take care of you. We’ll clean it, and donate it along to someone less fortunate. Every child deserves relief… or at least a shot at it.”

Another safety feature of any reputable Amber necklace company will be to have a knot between each bead. In the rare event your child breaks the necklace, only one bead has the potential to come lose. They also come with safety clasps. This one comes with an easy twist-screw clasp. They should always be made with this, or as a break-away (some parents are uneasy with breakaway clasps worrying the child will pull the necklace off, then chew on it – hence 100% supervised while wearing it).I REALLY like their disclaimer on their Amazon listing: [There are] “Lots of Amber Teething Necklaces out there. At the end of the day, it’s just amber on a string. Our Amber Beads won’t work any better than anyone else who has 100% Authentic and Certified amber. But other companies would never tell you this. They make claims. We’re not fans of claims. We hope you don’t either. So we thank you for stopping by.”

 Check out their listing HERE. Currently listed at $17.99
I received this necklace at a reduced cost in exchange for an honest review



    • Awesome! I have found it’s helped my little man. I hope it works for your son too. I’ve had a couple friends, since posting this, that said they hadn’t noticed changes in their children. But seriously we’ve had necklace free days, and my husbands like… whats going on… Oooo he’s not wearing it!


    • My son has tried to chew it. I only keep it on him when I am able to supervise him. I have kept it on during naps since I hear him wake up with the breathing changes on the baby monitor and am in there quickly, but I remove it at bath time, before bed.

      Friends with babies who have been wearing these a lot sooner said that their kids just kind of accept its there and do not play with them. Maybe because they’ve “grown up” wearing them, or are not as insanely curious as my little man is.


  1. Looks like a well made necklace. My grand daughter is teething right now and between the rashes, the drool and her fussy periods her mom is ready to try one of these. Thanks for the review, it really gave her a positive outlook on the item.

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