Nutrition Wizard Plus

Nutrition Wizard Plus

This is an online food calculator that is able to analyze a list of ingredients, then tells you the nutritional contents for more than 30 nutrients (calories, fat, carbs, etc.)

There are quite a few other applications I have come across in the past that can do this, though many required a series of annoying drop down menus, compared to just a blank box you can copy and paste into, this one also tells you if the recipe is appropriate for over 20 major diets (vegan, paleo, gliten-free, etc.).

You have the option to log in with your email/pswd, or to connect it to FB (which I LOVE since I have a hard time remembering user/pswd combos to sites, even those I use all the time). You can also download their Apple or Android app for your SmartPhone.

I find a lot of my recipes online, so it was very convenient to just copy the recipe I found from the website, and paste it into the large box. click “Analyze” and find your results. I thought this was very helpful for recipes where I was changing the ingredients for those I had in my home and could still discover how many calories were in my meal per serving. You can also change the serving size, since we all know sometimes one “serving” is barely a snack often.

Agave pudding 1

All the nutritional information is personalized, giving you the recommended daily intakes of nutrients based on what you input as your age, gender, height, weight and activity level. You can save the recipes to tweak them later or you can export the data and use it to track calories or nutrient intake. The site also lets you save it there.

Another cool feature I love is the the Find Recipes option.

refine research

You can customize your search to find exactly what you want, then there is a huge selection shown, depending on your parameters. So if you are stuck with what to make, don’t look any farther than the tool that will help you make healthy choices.

I used the above avocado recipe that I’ve made before, to see if it was actually healthy…. Here were my results (TIP – if you cannot see any of my pictures, clicking them will make them full screen).

Agave pudding facts

If you do not like seeing it this way, you have the choice to look at it the same way you would on a pre-packaged box like this:

Agave pudding label

The cost to use the Nutrition Wizard Plus is $5.95 a month (which allows you to save the recipes). Their basic version (cannot save or export) is $2.95 a month.

UPDATE: the site is now showing their price as 11.95/month. They DO have a FREE TRIAL for 14 days however that you can use to check it out before you buy!

Here is the link to their site:

I was sent a 3 month subscription free of charge in exchange for an honest review.




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