Stainless Steel Mugs

They were packaged very well so that they are not damaged in transit. I found these to be extremely high quality mugs, with a simple, sleek design. They can be washed in the dishwasher or by hand. Unlike porcelain cups they do not stain with coffee or tea. Also, if they fall, they do not shatter, which is a huge plus when you have a toddler in your house.


The outside of the mug does not get super hot when drinking coffee due to the double wall, which is nice with a steaming cup of tea. I found the outside did not show tons of fingerprints or smudges (until Little Man touched it with painted hands… lol)

The only downside is that you cannot put these cups in the microwave to warm up your drink, have to transfer to another cup if you’re like me and never get through a whole cup of tea while it’s warm

They come in a set of 4, stand about 4.5 inches tall and hold 16oz of liquid. They are currently being sold on Amazon for $29.92 – go check them out!

I was sent these mugs free of charge in exchange for an honest review



    • YES! It’s been awesome having these with the warm weather. I just wish Mother Nature could make up her mind. We have amazing +24 weather one day, snow, hail, freezing rain (all in 12 hours) the net day, then its +5 to +10C again. I never know if I should be making iced tea, or hot cocoa.

      At least I can use the same cup… lol


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