Dream Dots

Dream Dots are the BEST acne solution I have EVER used. I’ve battled with acne my entire life (since puberty) and even now as an adult. I get anywhere from the occasional bump to many on my face, and especially my back.

So, when this offer popped up (no pun intended) I jumped at a chance to try another acne treatment, I’ve tried so many pads, creams and 2-4 bottle “systems”, most did not help at all, or would actually make it worse. This is my new favourite thing.

Check out my video, I’ve tried to narrate it this time… so you won’t have to read!

You can buy 24 Patches for $17.89 or 48 Patches  at a saving for $29.80 on Amazon.com

I was sent these dream dots in exchange for an honest review



  1. I need to check this out for my son. He has dealt with acne issues since he was a teenager and now at 21 he still has flare ups. He has tried every OTC product on the market and even been prescribed medications without any help. Thanks for the introduction.


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