L’oreal Paris Fibralogy

This is an awesome product!!!! I didn’t know that this could happen when washing my hair at home!

So let’s start from the beginning. I received the offer for this VoxBox and was so excited. It took an eternity to get here, and finally, about two weeks ago, it arrived. When I opened it I was amazed to see full sized bottles of their product to review. So put it in the bathroom…. and that’s where the magic began.

First I grabbed a little shampoo to see how it lathered. I’ve had many that barely had any suds, or would need multiple wash/rinses before it really felt clean.

Only a small amount in my palm and it lathered a TON, coating all my hair easily.

11210091_10153289723098536_1993909948_n  11210286_10153289723073536_592164524_n   11256429_10153289723103536_2053724552_n

(Please ignore the huge bags under my eyes, Little Man decided to get up at 4am so extra tired)

Next I rinsed it out, added in the boost, then (as stated) without washing, used the conditioner. It was REALLY hard to wash out, because I used way too much. It made my hair extremely silky, not only when the conditioner was in my hair, but even after rinsing, and rinsing and rinsing. This was NOT something I am used to. Next shower, I used a much smaller amount of conditioner and it still remained silky and soft after being thoroughly rinsed out. This is a FIRST for me. All the ones I’ve used before… from drug store brands to expensive salon brands have made my hair anywhere from dried feeling, to squeaky once rinsed. This was so soft and smooth.


My hair seems to curl tighter now, and looks like its been styled once dried, even though I did not use any other products, nor was anything a “leave in” product. This was very surprising to me as well.

To be extremely honest, if I can buy it locally (SMALL township) then I intend to make this my regular brand!

#FibralogyWorks for me

I received this product free of charge in exchange for an honest review

UPDATE: I could not find a place to buy this yet on Amazon, they might be releasing to stores soon, but I have this link… if you live in Canada you can request a free sample for the shampoo-and-conditioner and/or the loreal-paris-fibralogy-booster Click “Count me in” to request a sample

UPDATE: According to their website, you can buy this product at the following locations

  • Pharmaplus/Rexall
  • Metro
  • Wal Mart (in store and online)
  • Lawtons
  • Brunet
  • Overwaitea
  • Shoppers Drug Mart/ Pharmaprix
  • Jean Coutu
  • Loblaws
  • Target
  • Pharma Plus 1, First Canadian Place Toronto, ON (416) 362-6480 ext.4131
  • London Drugs (in store and online)
  • Uniprix
  • Familiprix
  • Sobeys
  • Well.ca


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