Get Well, Before it Gets YOU!

We all need a help sometimes – but one 12 year old boy finds out just how much people around the world can come together in a crisis to help a stranger!

Eddie Lambert has never needed anyone’s help. He’s a star athlete, earns straight A’s in school and is president of his class. While playing soccer with his friends Eddie falls down an abandoned well, breaking his leg. But this is the LEAST of his problem. He sees some weird drawings in the well and dismisses them as insignificant and his cast keeps getting tighter. There is also another issue, these strange symbols keep appearing and begin to cover his cast with eerie Egyptian hieroglyphics.

Eddie and Holly (his best friend) have minimal time to solve the mystery of the old well and tightening cast before it’s too late. Can they decipher the ancient Egyptian symbols in time, or will Eddie find himself mummified inside the ever-tightening grasp of his cast?  Read the story to find out!


I really do LOVE the Pre-teen books in the Lady Jennivere’s Quill series. In this novel we see the importance of friendship, and helping others. They are living in the Middle East with his Aunt, and you learn a small amount of history and facts of the area, in addition to how someone from Egypt could have gotten to Jordan. When Eddie fell down the hidden well, an ancient curse is resurrected from thousands of years prior. We see the perseverance of friendship and loyalty as Holly sticks by his side, even going against her dad, and Aunt Bay’s wishes. Even people from around the world rally to help Eddie through internet research trying to help solve the curse and cure Eddie. It was VERY well written and, even though this is a Pre-teen novel, I truly enjoyed the story. She has a magical way of writing that makes you want to know what happens next. I cannot wait to read and give away the next novel in her series!  (I’ve been granted to host each one in the series now!!!)

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