A Note for Mom

Just in time for mothers day, get “A Note for Mom” completely free today and tomorrow on Amazon

Here is the Amazon write-up

All mothers love their children, but what is a mother’s love?

In the forest sits a group of adorable baby animals with their school teacher, engaged in a charming conversation about what a mothers’ love truly is.

  • Is it a kiss, a hug, or a gentle reminder?
  • Is it making a healthy breakfast?
  • Could it be all of these and more?

Young children will explore the concept of love as something that is felt, not seen, as reinforced by the baby animals’ explanation of how they know their moms love them. The story explains kids the un-conditionality of their parents’ love, showing them that their parents love them even when they make mistakes.

“A Note for Mom” is a delightful rhyming story that young children will love to hear and parents will love to read, over and over again. This easy-to-read bedtime story is sure to enchant parents and children alike, reminding kids of the depth of their parents’ love.

This sweet rhyming story teaches all about the simple things that mothers do to show their love. How can you show your own mother that you love her, too? Its the perfect Gift for Mother’s Day or any other day.

Don’t worry, Dad, read the book; there is a surprise for you too!


I have not yet had the chance to read this book, but I will be updating this blog very soon with my personal review. I wanted to share it with you right away as it is only free for a limited time.

I received this free of charge in exchange for an honest review


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