Smart Weigh Memory Bathroom Scale

The Smart Weight Memory Scale is one of the COOLEST gadgets I’ve ever reviewed! This scale knows when someone steps on the scale (no tapping and waiting) and can also tell when a DIFFERENT person steps on (up to 8 different users can be stored). Also, it has dual colour screens that light up green when you’ve lost weight, and red if you’ve gained since the last time you checked. It is made from very durable tempered glass and has a digital backlit LCD screen so its really easy to read the numbers.

This item currently does ship to Canada from!

It also apparently contains “precision mechanics and component” that let you know if the scale needs to be recalibrated or has been moved. It is able to record weight in lbs. and oz. and can weight up to 440 lbs.! It takes 4 AAA batteries, which was pretty easy to install (but not included) and even comes with a two-year manufacturer’s warranty.

When I first stepped on the scale I got my reading… (NEVER ask a woman what her weight actually is, especially after having had a baby!). 10 seconds later, I checked and it weighed me .2 lighter. Checked a third time and it was exactly the same as the second time I checked. When I use my current (non-smart scale) its very different depending on how I step on that scale. So a .2lb difference once is pretty awesome I think.


I had my husband step on the scale, and it registered him as user #2. I stepped on, saw me as user #1. When your weight is taken the scale will enter the memory mode. Each new user is automatically recognized as a new user and is stored in the next available user profile. The user number will appear on the screen. (i.e. U1, U2, U3 etc) The Memory Scale can store up to 8 users. Each time a returning user takes a reading, he or she will be recognized and their profile automatically be updated. The current weight will remain on the screen for 5 seconds. Then, the previous weight reading will be displayed for 10 seconds and the weight difference from the previous reading will also be displayed. Then it shows up as either red (gain) or loss (green).

If the weight difference between two people (say twins for example) is within 2 kg (4.4 lb), then that user would have to manually create a new profile by double tapping the scale during the memory display of another user. This will store their profile as a new user. Then when these two people stand on the scale the two profiles will be displayed one after the other. You have to confirm which user they are by tapping the scale during the display of their profile. The profile information will now be updated.


This scale is also SUPER thin, this is my TV remote on top, and scale on the bottom.

ALSO – You can purchase this scale from by CLICKING HERE AND it ships to Canada! There was an extra cost to ship to Canada, but loved that the option exists for Canadians to purchase this.

I received this product free of charge in exchange for an honest review.


 Here are a few pictures from their site that really clearly show what I was talking about.

digital bathroom scale vanity health weight loss fitness home room bath body

beauty bathroom scale elegant home vanity luxury high quality

digital bathroom scale body home vanity precision accuracy weight loss

Begin with blue.

The first time you step on the scale it automatically programs your user profile and displays your initial weight reading in blue.

Stay in the green.

If weight loss is what you want, then green is the goal! After your initial weight reading the scale will recognize if you have lost weight and display it in green.

Avoid the red.

If you have gained weight, this scale will let you know by displaying your weight with a red background. This is motivation to stay out of the red and go green.

auto recognition memory scale users profile simple setup easy

scale digital electronic users program auto computer lcd display

easy to use scale step on auto display digital electronic

multi user 8 eight profiles readings tracking scale digital

Auto programmable.

The SMS500 Digital Bathroom Scale programs and records your information immediately and creates a user profile for you that you can use to continually track your progress and performance.


This scale easily identifies which user has stepped on through memory recognition. The auto-recognition feature seamlessly allows you to monitor progress and results, helping you stay on point.

Step it up.

Now you can simply step on a scale, check your readings and step off. No need to complicate things, our step-on technology allows for simple and easy use time and time again.

Up to 8 user profiles.

Profiles can be created for up to 8 users and monitoring readings for multiple profiles is a breeze. Step on the scale and it instantly recognizes which user you are. It then tracks and stores the info as that user.

digital scale large display clear LCD big read easy

accurate digital scale accuracy precise readings precision results readings

wide scale big large heavy overweight digital electronic

max weigh high volume scale digital heavy overweight obesity large person

Large and clear LCD display.

Seeing is believing, and with this full and extensive back-lit LCD display your weight readings are shown with clarity, plenitude and elegance. Your results have never been easier to read.

Precisely accurate.

Our AccuSense technology is the next evolution in efficiency. Sensors within the scale utilize advanced calibration to bring you accurate results time and time again.

Bold and broad.

The wide platform of the SMS500 provides you with plenty of room, and is a spacious and comfortable solution for your weighing needs. Simple and enjoyable, the Smart Weigh!

200 Kilograms max weight.

This scale can provide readings and results for even the most robust measurements. Rest assured with a calm confidence knowing that the SMS500 can handle the heaviest loads.


I received this free of charge in exchange for an honest review


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