Parents for Sale

Parents for Sale

Have you ever wished to be rid of your parents? I am pretty sure EVERY child has wanted this at LEAST once in their life (sorry mom – I love you!)

Well that is exactly what the title of this story promises. Parents for Sale has a very attractive front cover and is comprised of 9 short chapters, with just as amazing pictures between each! The Clarks have decided to sell Pistachio, the family dog that the twins adore. BUT – their parents are tired of yelling at Luke and Lucy to feed Pistachio and take him for walks, which the parents eventually have to do themselves.

The twins really want to save their dog, and come up with a great idea – since they cannot convince their parents to keep Pistachio, they will sell their parents instead. They switch the sign at the end of the driveway. Then they just need to wait for buyers to come.

Will they REALLY sell their parents to the highest bidder? And what will their parents think of this idea when they get back from the grocery store?  Read the book to find out!!

I thought that this was a really cute book. The pictures were great, and really well illustrated. I love how they capture something important from each 1-2 page chapter in the form of an image.


Chapter 3 Picture

I could see this as being used as a read aloud in a primary class, or a book study for an older child. A parent could read this book to their child (or have it read to them) then discuss the twins ideas, if it was a good idea, and what they would do in their situation when the last buyer shows up.

It was extremely well written and edited, with no errors that I noticed. I love the idea that different children came to buy, rent and trade for their parents. I love that it doesn’t work out the way the twins planned and what Pistachio does (don’t want to spoil the story). The only thing I do not like is the way the “villain” and principal is treated by the children, though I think kids reading this book will think its funny. Nevertheless it is still a pretty good story!

I received this free of charge in exchange for an honest review



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