15 min Vegetarian Quick & Easy Recipes

Fast Meals!

I received a copy of this eBook free of charge in exchange for an honest review.

This vegetarian eBook is divided into five sections:

Introduction – what’s a vegetarian, benefits, becoming a vegetarian and time management. “Generally, a vegetarian is person who doesn’t eat beef, fish, poultry, or any other animal products such as lard, chicken stock, or gelatin.”

Easy and Quick Recipes for Busy Moms, which includes such recipes as Avocado Scramble, Parfaits, Summer Pasta Salad and potato pancakes.

Quick and Easy Recipes for Romantic Meals – with recipes such as Nutella Trifle,  Cheese-Filled Croissants, Chocolate Fondue and Tofu au Vin.

Quick and Easy Recipes That Even Kids Can Make – with Egg Cups, Pizza Sandwiches, and smoothies.

Easy and Quick Recipes for Parties – with Quick Banana Popsicles, Spicy Cheese Fondue, Basil Watermelon and Feta Bites.

For the most part, the ingredients were actually easy to find in my small, remote, hometown. There were some formatting inconsistencies however, though I will be emailing the author to have them corrected in future editions.

One problem I did have though was that they stated vegetarians do not eat gelatin in the introduction, but there were 3 marshmallow recipes – which use gelatin. Perhaps there are vegan marshmallows available in larger towns, but around here, I’ve never heard of it. I’m not vegetarian, so it doesn’t bother me too much, but in a book devoted to that, it’s an issue. Past reviews mentioned that there was chicken stock and fish sauce in some recipes, but I didn’t any of those – so it’s good to know that they are listening to reviews and making changes (I did see vegetable stock).

There were also some missing quantities in 3-4 recipes, but I’ve also brought that up with the author. So hopefully those issues can be fixed quickly for future eBooks.

Regardless of the issues found above, the recipes do appear to all be very quick and easy to make, and there are many of them that I would like to try and make myself – especially the Kalamata Olive Brochette for my husband (since he adores Kalamata Olives).

Some of the recipes have full colour photos which look impressive and oh so yummy. I made a few of the recipes – they were fast and easy to make. Kinda forgot to take pictures though (sorry) but I will try to update with some next one I make!


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