Fractionated Coconut Oil

Coconut Oil is something that is become more popular lately – many moms are exclaiming its uses to help cure cradle cap, dry cracking skin, and many other uses for babies – but my problem was always that it stayed really tacky, and while it smelled amazing going on, soon there was a nasty, stale kind of smell.

Enter a new product called FRACTIONATED Coconut oil (use Promo code RCOCONUT to save $$$)

Now, you might have the same initial question as me — what the heck is fractionated oil?

According to it is “a fraction of the coconut oil” with “almost all the long chain triglycerides removed” … “making it an absolutely saturated oil,” which has the added bonus of giving it an extremely long shelf life with greater stability. It also “raises the comparative concentration of Capric acid and Caprylic acid, thus giving it more of antioxidant and disinfecting effect.”


I’ve had and used coconut oil in the past, but it was NEVER like this before. It had always come in a tub, and was white, solid and smelled a lot like coconut. This was totally different; it was in a tall squeeze bottle, clear, liquid and had no smell what-so-ever.

When I rubbed it on my skin it absorbed in completely. It took a little while since I think I used too much, but there was no residue and it was not at all tacky. I was really impressed with how well it absorbed into my skin, especially compared to past coconut oils and other massage oils I’ve used in the past.

Next thing I tried to use this as was a massage oil. I added in some essential oils and it worked great since there was no other smell to the oil mixing and messing with the scent.

The only thing that seemed strange to me was that one label stated it said for EXTERNAL use only, but then on the back it lists the possible uses, and one of them is to be used for cooking. So I messaged the company and this was the answer: “Fractionated Cooking Oil can be used for cooking purposes but as a company we recommend that you do not.”

I found it odd that the company would state that they do not suggest it be used for cooking, but still place it on the label as a possible use, and in the listing information ” In addition, it is odourless and tasteless and can withstand very high heat so it can be used in cooking.” Nevertheless, the oil itself is great as a moisturizer and massage oil. Should you wish to cook with it, as many other people have, including reviewers on the Amazon listing, do so at your own risk.

This coconut oil comes with a “LIFETIME hassle-free money back guarantee, no matter where you buy our product. There is absolutely no risk to you when you order now! If you are not completely satisfied, simply contact us and we will give you a full refund, no questions asked (you do not even have to return the bottle).”

Click HERE to buy a bottle, and use Promo code RCOCONUT for a discount

I received this free of charge in exchange for an honest review


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