Free for ALL

YOU could help make this book FREE on Amazon too! Details below

Would you ALL like a FREE ebook!?

You’ve seen me review for Lady Jenniviere (Tiffy’s Terrible Top Hat, Tales of Spook, and recently Never Ending Bad Day). Her Book Alien Mission is completely FREE on the Barnes and Noble site, they are trying to get it free on Amazon as well, but if you’d like it now go here:

you WILL have to enter credit card information (shows you are a real person) but there is ZERO cost (checked it to make sure myself).

If you would rather wait, I will be reviewing this book, and holding a giveaway for someone to receive it free from

IF you would like to help make it free on Amazon too, please read the following I received:

I [the publisher] am trying to get amazon to price match Alien Mission so it will be free. IF you have a moment, I would appreciate your help.

Will you go to Alien Mission’s Amazon listing:

Scroll down just below PRODUCT DETAILS you will see: Would you like to give feedback on images or tell us about a lower price? Choose Tell us about a lower price. Then chose Website(online).

Paste in the following information


Price ($): 0

Shipping cost ($): 0

Date of the Price: today’s date which is default.


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