Terry Treetop….

By Tali Carmi

Finding new friends, searching for home, a lost egg and saving a dolphin. . . What do all the above have in common you might ask? They are the titles to some AMAZING children’s books written by Tali Carmi.

Feel like you’ve seen that name before? I’ve been reviewing her books about Abigail, who uses her magical bike to travel to places like the JungleNorth PoleSahara Desert and most recently a Tropical Island.

This time, I’m going to introduce you to her series about a small boy with red hair and freckles. His name is Terry, but everyone calls him Terry Treetop because he loves to climb trees. These books are geared towards children 3-8 years of age.


Finds New friends

Terry’s dad builds him a tree house at the very top of his favourite tree in their backyard, and while he loves being so high above everything, he is lonely. So, he decides to finds new friends to join him in the tree house.

He mostly asks the same thing to each person he meets, so it’s awesome for younger readers, knowing what to expect, and could help repeat the line. I also love that Terry Treetop talks in rhymes. Here is the rhyme line that repeats: “Hey, Betty, you sure look busy, / but I have a new house on a tree. / Would you like to visit there and play with me?”

Terry Treetop asks and asks, but everyone is busy, will he find a friend or give up? Read the book to find out!

In Terry Treetop Finds New you are given an educational Card Game to download.


Where is my home

Where is my home?

It’s summer vacation and Terry Treetop is, where else, up a tree! He sees a beautiful butterfly and follows it, far away from home, and cannot remember how to get home. He meets a rabbit, beaver, fawn and squirrel, who offer him their home and food. Will he ever find his way home? Read the book to find out.

This is a great book about different animals’ habitats, and types of food they eat. It would also be a great conversation starter about not wandering away from home. It might also be useful, for older readers, to discuss talking to strangers, as not all are as friendly or helpful as those he encounters along his way.

The free gift this time is… ANOTHER BOOK!   Terry Treetop and The Lost Egg (FREE!!!!!)


Saves dolphin

Terry Treetop Saves the Dolphins: Age 3-8

This time, Terry is camping with his parents at a marine nature reserve and climbs the highest tree he can find to check out his surroundings. He sees dolphins jumping and names the smallest one “Dido” deciding that dolphins, like children, just want to have fun when they are young. That’s when it happens, Dido is curious, swims through a hole in a net to check out Terry and gets caught. The hole is too small for Dido’s mother to help. How will Dido escape his mother is so far away? Read to find out how Terry Treetop Saves the Dolphin!

This book is written for children 3 – 8 years of age. Younger children will love having this read to them and older children can read this on their own, some may need help with a couple words. I like the message about littering in the ocean (even with nets) and how that can impact dolphins (and other ocean dwellers). Just recently we had someone in my small home town notice a LOT of garbage on the ice road, with temperatures warming up, all of that would have ended up in our lake, which is where we catch the fish we eat in the summer. I was so thankful she caught the entire bag of garbage littered all over the ice and was willing to clean it up, keeping our beautiful lake safer for us. This is a good lesson for people of any age I believe.

With this book Terry Treetop and The Lost Egg was mentioned again as being free. There was also a flip-book, but I hadn’t been able to get it to download properly. Not seeing any mention of it now, so they might be working on getting it fixed: D

Lost Egg

The Lost Egg is another EXCELLENT Terry Treetop book. This time, from a high tree limb, Terry spots… an egg, which he promises to bring to its home safely. It does not belong to Sandy the turtle, nor Ally the alligator, or even Fergi the frog. It doesn’t belong to Betty the hen either. Will he ever find the eggs home and mother? Read this story to find out!

I had NO idea that alligators use their mouth to transport their babies to the water, or as a place to keep them safe. I thought that was a really cool detail that was given in the book. It was neat to learn about all the different ways and locations animals use to lay eggs. I thought it was very informative, with excellent pictures throughout the story. I do not think you will be disappointed with this book at all.


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