Talon: The Windwalker Archive – Book 1

Currently 2.99 on Amazon

One of my favourite types of books to read are those of the first people living in tribes. This one is right up my alley of happy reads.

I would recommend this book to adults due to subject matter that younger readers might find difficult.

That being said I was lost in their world. It was an extremely well written book I REALLY enjoyed. Stayed up way later than I should have reading this in only a day. I wish the ending was different, left everything hanging, but there is a second book, so hoping some of the wrong are righted!!! I hope to read more from this author! Zero spelling mistakes or formatting errors, and everything flowed without repetition. One of the better books I’ve reviewed for sure.

A baby born to a dying mother, barely 7 months pregnant, from the black plague. Compared to the 8 foot Giants of his people he is small, a runt, not worthy of life. In the past, they would have thrown him off a cliff as an offering to the Gods. Due to dwindling numbers of their tribes, they now make them slaves. They might be declared a slave from birth, or, like Talon, when they come of age (16 years old) if they do not “measure up” in height. He becomes a slave who dreams of more, and sees beauty in a hard world. He finds those he calls friends – a beautiful red head Akkeri and a one armed man Jahsin who becomes the brother he never had. He endures much hardship and torment, but maintains his kindness and care for others. Some have sought for his death since birth, will they kill him or does fate have something else in mind for him? Read to find out!

I was sent this book free of charge in exchange for an honest review


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