FREE – Billy and the Ear Elves

Rated by the author for ages 3-8, this is an AWESOME book. Billy really loves ice cream, and after politely asking for some, and being denied he cries, stomps his foot, then throws himself on the floor in full on temper tantrum style.

BUT, does mom get upset, stressed out, or angry? No, she almost seems to ignore it. She has a secret weapon… magic Ear Elves! Read the story to see if this is something that might help your children!

I LOVED this book. Billy learns that yelling and screaming will get him nowhere because of the magic ear Elves. He learns if you want something you have to ask politely, even if you do not get your way. This would be an excellent resource for any parent to have on hand – especially those with young children. I also really liked how the book was written all in rhymes. It made it flow smoothly and was a very enjoyable read. I will definitely be keeping this one around for when my son is older!

Come to think of it, when I was babysitting a couple of boys when I was MUCH younger, I used to tell them something similar. It wasn’t as cool as magical ear elves, but I would tell them I cannot hear them when they yell and scream. Its just too loud for my ears to hear them right. So when they were ready to talk, I’d be right there!


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