FREE – Clean Food Diet E-Cookbook

For those of you who follow my blog, I reviewed this e-book a little while ago, and its currently FREE on If you are interested, order this sooner, rather than later, as there is no way to know when the free promo will end. Is usually priced at $2.38 for the digital copy ($19 in print)

– you are getting a free DIGITAL copy that can be viewed on your Kindle, laptop or a cloud reader, available to be used on most mobile devices. The application can be downloaded on the listing

Its a great book to give you recipe ideas, and gives options for something different. Some of them are basic, but add in ingredients you have and love to make them your own if some of the recipes do not appeal to you. For example, I don’t use cilantro, but add in my own seasonings, and extra veggies, sometimes some meat, since its all vegetarian recipes.

Get your very own copy of Clean-Food-Diet-Vegetarian-Collection FREE


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